LUCANTHROPHY / F.U.B.A.R. - Doomed To Consume EP (2010)

Two bands with the reputation of delivering top notch Powerviolence / Grindcore each and every time! Lycanthrophy started playing in the middle of 1998. Amazing Czech straightforward fastcore hell, mixing with power violence and a little bit grindcore with total screamin female vocal. F.U.B.A.R (Fucked Up (busy) Beyond All Recognition!) started up under the name I: Scream Protest. They are changed the name into F.U.B.A.R when their new vocalist Luc was found. Both bands have a large number of split LP's, EP's and CD's with many similar bands! This 7'' has published on Bones Brigade records and it is really worth having... Full recommended!!!

4 WAY SPLIT - No Tomorrow 12''LP (2010)

D-beat killers from 4 different continents! Fucking great!!!
Besthöven (Brasil)
Warvictims (Sweden)
Peace or Annihilation (Indonesia)
Krüel (USA)
Thanx goes out to:

BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA - Good Morning America... EP (2007)

Great American Hardcore / Punk / Thrash band from Austin, Texas. Blunt Force Trauma was formed in 1999 in Austin, Texas. The band's line up consisted of vocalist Bobby Fuentes, guitarist Slaytoven, bassist Bob Paxton, and drummer Ben Burton. The band released two albums with Paxton and Burton, ''Blunt Force Trauma'' and ''Good Morning America'' EP's. On May 29, 2009 the band released their 3rd album, an EP titled "Hatred for the State", on Shattered World Records. In late 2009, Alex Rager left the band and has been replaced by Craig Holloway. The band embarked on their first tour of Europe in November and December of 2010, playing 24 shows in 10 countries and supporting acts such as Wehrmacht, Pro Pain, Napalm Death, Blood For Blood, and Sick Of It All.

V.A. - ''E pluribus unum'' CD-r (2009)

Brilliant compilation of the best Czech bands!
1. VICTIMS OF HATE - 0 53 mistniho casu -vypuknuti nepratelstvi (2:15)
2. MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS - illusion (1:33)
3. MIDCLASS CRISIS - strach z nejistoty (1:31)
4. MESSERSCHMITT 109 - v hrobe (2:36)
5. DREAD 101 - ray of down (1:09)
6. LIFE POSSESSION - trest bez vimy (2:09)
7. RISPOSTA - cekame (1:38)
8. VETO - vivisekce (2:11)
9. EVIDENCE SMRTI - neexistujici smir (2:09)
10. EX-LEX - uplatek (1:04)
11. PRUMYSLOVA SMRT - vrazi (1:02)
12. PNS - koreny zla (2:36)
13. ZATREST - daniel landa (1:33)
14. NULOVA TOLERANCE - zer (1:19)
15. HOW LONG? - war (1:12)
16. TUPAK AMARU - squat the world (2:10)
17. MRTVA BUDOUCNOST - kolaps systemu (1:04)
18. DEZINFEKCE - špína, pot a slova (thank you winston) (2:25)
19. MORKHIMMEL - what doesnt kill you (3:29)
20. LIES AND DISTRUST - ochrance (2:02)

NARAYAMA - Demo (2010)

Amazing Brazilian Powerviolence / Hardcore!!! Narayama was formed in the middle of 2010 by four sad creatures that hate the hypocrite love of god. Narayama is a response to the fact that humanity is a walking disaster on earth and our creations are just a series of selfish choices, mistakes and harmful actions toward animals, the environment and ourselves. We just wish that there's still some hope that hasn't been murdered and buried by the society or stomped by some stupid god.
More info

CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Frammenti Di Vita (2010)

MySpace: In being a surviving unit like Cripple Bastards for some 20 odd years, it takes much persistance, perserverance and an undying spirit to wreck yourself, all out with Brutal-Fucking-Grind. That’s the supposed overused adjective that most ‘heavy’ band bios and descriptions overlook nowadays for fear of oversaturation or an unoriginal ‘old school’ repetitiveness. Thats the one word in the dictionary that C.B. should have fucking copywritten a long time ago. It fits them. It defines them. It IS them. Cripple Bastards are indelibly BRUTAL. In all ways; music, violence, artwork, attitude, politics. All born of this represenatitive and passionately destructive word. The mere fact that C.B. even exist confirms they OWN the goddamn word. C.B. are B-R-U-T-A-L.!!!


10inch vinyl pressing of this split release from Brazilian Hardcore / Punk legends RATOS DE PORAO and Spain's kings of pure political grindcore LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. Ratos De Porao deliver five brand new tracks and a crucial cover of Looking For An Answer's raging song 'La Montaza'. These are the first newly released tracks by Ratos in quite some time and shows their amazing penchant at combining Punk, Hardcore, and Metal is still at top form! In the other side we have LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER delivering 7 new devastating songs in their classic old way grindcore mixed with some Crust and also Noisecore influences against posers and human misery. You will not be disappointed!

V.A. - Fuck The Slow Shit #1 (2009)

YACÖPSAE (Germany)
JACK (Hungary)
NIYAZOV (Serbia)
GYALÁZAT (Hungary)
YATTAI (France)


SUBMISSION HOLD - What Holds Back the Elephant (2004)

Submission Hold were a Vancouver-based Punk band active from 1993–2005. They were known for their unusual sound, once labeled "post-genre", which combines Hardcore Punk with elements of experimental and Eastern-European music. Submission Hold's lyrics often related to anarchist and feminist politics, but often with a more poetic and abstract quality than similar political bands. The band was also known for consistently maintaining and promoting a fierce DIY ethic, and in this respect were sometimes compared to Fugazi and the Dutch noise/punk band The Ex. Submission Hold were notable for helping introduce throughout the 1990s certain elements of European Anarcho-punk and Noise-punk to the North-American punk scene.

ELASTICDEATH - Terceiro Impacto (2010)

ELASTICDEATH comes from Brazil and play classic American Latino Powerviolence / Thrashcore. This is their 3rd demo. Contains 10 song, with a youthful passion! Fucking sick, fast and aggresive sound with maximum energy ala betercore typical of a Brazilian bands. Reminds you of Spazz, xBraniax, Obsesif Kompulsif etc, etc... Get this album as the protection of destruction and of course invite the band to play at your place and enjoy their noise!! Course is highly recommended for inclusion into your album collection. Beautiful release for all PV lovers! You can download it on their MySpace to...

PHOBIA - Unrelenting EP (2010)

Phobia is back with seventeen brutal tracks in under 15 minutes. The new EP is entitled ''Unrelenting'' which is a valid name for an album from Phobia. Surprisingly Unrelenting comes with a far more balanced structure than most grind assaults. At it’s core Phobia reminds a brutal wrecking ball pummeling all that is in its path. It’s hard to really compare Phobia to anything other than a mighty punch in the face repeatedly. If that isn’t your cup of tea please don’t even bother listening. :) The album is more or less exactly what I (and You) expect from Phobia. PS - Link stolen from filestube!

V.A. - Barcelona Kaos (2009)

Barcelona D-beat / Crust / Punk / Hardcore madness!! 01. Massmierda - en comisaría (3:50), 02. Avoid notes - tambores de guerra (1:06), 03. Totälickers - total rejected (0:50), 04. Murtra - democracia zero (2:21), 05. Mobcharge - víctimas del exterminio (1:17), 06. Atxanta - virus (1:57), 07. Cinder - barcelona (1:49), 08. Holocaust in your head - libertad (1:53), 09. Disnight bastards - night bastards (2:52), 10. Crani septic - infecció (0:41), 11. Mugrind - creación destrucción (4:03), 12. No conforme - nightmare (1:57), 13. Habitación 101 - venganza (3:24), 14. Violent headache - helado de fresa (1:12), 15. Entierro - shock discipline (1:47), 16. Mördare - h.b.a (2:25), 17. Crimen de estado - estoy fuera (1:01), 18. Disputa - dis or die (1:01), 19. Brutal project - muerte (2:20), 20. Hijxs taradxs - conciencias manchadas de sangre (1:54)

ANALIZATOR - Igra debela mecka (2005)

ANALIZATOR was one of the best Serbian Grindcore bands ever! In the spring of 2003. a couple of metalheads and a punk rebel had an idea to shamelessly rip off Anal Cunt, Napalm Death, Deranged and all the other bands they liked. The idea was later named Analizator, so it could have “anal” in its name, and still not be too rude for BBC. The year 2005. saw their first full - lenght demo “Igra Debela Mecka” (eng.”The Fat Bear is Dancing”). Song themes varied from rape, murder, to mindless selfdestruction. Lyrics are in Serbian because the band hates the USA and dont wanna speak in English! :) For all fans who love old school grindcore - on the Serbian way!

BOYCOT - Total Boycot 1995-2000 (2005)

Boycot was a great Anarcho-Punk band from Alkmaar, Netherlands. Fast, raw, political hardcore punk, one of the best European political hardcore of the 90's! They released many EP’s and split up in 2000. They toured extensively in their 5 year hayday, including whole of Europe and the USA. This CD contains 48 songs, all their recordings! From first 7", split with Argue Damnation, Insane Youth, Distress, Betercore, Tuco Ramirez, Fleas and Lice and compilations' tracks, all with a 20 pages booklet with lyrics and pics. It was originally published in 2005, ANGRY RECORDS.

BLACK SEPTEMBER - The Forbidden Gates Beyond (2010)

Debut full length LP from this amazing Death / Crust band from Chicago. 2006 founded BLACK SEPTEMBER are a well-hidden pearl that I'd like to throw before you lusty swines now. Songs like 'Tombs', 'Creation Of Chaos' or 'Unleashed' immediately grab you by the balls and the bands' epic, solemn melodies add a certain "raise your fist and scream for vengeance" glorious feel that's of course not comparable to these Viking "Pop Deathers" but retains a dark and ominous atmosphere all the way through. I’ve seen photos of the vinyl version on the net and that looks fantastic, so make sure you check this out and travel beyond the forbidden gates of death!

SYSTEMATISK TERROR - Ueeehhh! (Demo 2007)

These 7 tracks were recorded in January 2007 by this 4 piece Swedish hardcore band. It starts off with a total sludgecore intro, and then quickly moves into some intense and awsome fast thrashy hardcore. Throughout the CD it goes back and forth between those two different styles. It may sound a bit odd, but believe me it really works for this band and makes them quite unique. It's not that they're incompatible with the no-slow/all-go hardcore style that makes up the bulk of the material, they're just not as well-integrated as they could be. Anyhow, minor quibbles aside, I enjoyed this!


Yeah!! Great split LP with two amazing bands! England’s FLYBLOWN play harsh & brutal crust noise with grunted vocals and downtuned guitar. They influenced by bands such as Disclose, Dismachine, Totalitar and Framtid. The band has cut a space for itself on the underground punk scene as a band with political intent and an extreme musical style. This is their last track ever!! WARVICTIMS play raging D-beat raw punk in the Scandinavian tradition, including a cover of DISCHANGE’s classic “After War Scars”.This split consist 10 track from WARVICTIMS and 5 track from FLYBLOWN.

WAR//PLAGUE - Smolder EP (2010)

The debut 7" from this great Crust band built around the guitar heroes Andy Lutz and Andy Lefton (the potent combo at the core of Provoked and Pontius Pilate) joined by fellow Minneapolis crust punk veterans. The two songs on this debut EP are classic crust punk to the core, with lots of variation, powerful riffs, rasp throated vocals, and production that´s heavy but not overly polished. This is Minneapolis style crust (i.e. Misery) so its devoid of the boring "epic" parts that sap the energy of so many other current crust bands. Best of all, the members of War//Plague are among the most artistically gifted and long-time contributors to the local DIY punk movement. Recommended!

DEFEATIST - Sixth Extinction (2010)

DEFEATIST is made up of members from the almighty grind machine known as Kalibas and noise-core bastards Anodyne. 19 songs in 27 minutes sounds positively epic now, but DEFEATIST don’t let us down with Sixth Extinction (Willowtip), infusing their grind, as always, with a raw, hardcore urgency that is equal parts noise rock, crust, His Hero Is Gone worship and pure fucking first-album Nasum intensity, with a manic vocalist who just fucking goes for it, Discordance Axis-style. In the end, Sixth Extinction is a fulfilling romp though grindcore killing fields and serves its purpose without question. I can’t necessarily recommend it over albums from some of DEFEATIST’s’ like minded peers though. In other words, I like it; I’m just not bowled over by it!

CHAOS DESTROY - Collection Not Collection LP (2010)

Fuck yeah!!! 28-song, 40-minute Noisecore story by these Washington, DC-area punxes, and it's one of the most over-the-top noise-core releases I've heard yet. There is absolutely nothing resembling tone or melody coming out of the guitars! It's just a fucking wash of white noise that honestly sounds more like a hair dryer than any sort of musical instrument; however, the bass is straightforward and extremely melodic a la the Swankys, which makes these songs hang together over the nasty vocals which are pretty much a dead ringer for flexi-era Aburadako. Something this extreme isn't going to be for everyone, but those who get it will flip for this, definitly!! PS: Link from filestube.


PASSIV DÖDSHJÄLP is a D-beat / Crust / Punk band and from Gävle, capital city of Gävleborg County, Sweden. They started playing together during the spring of 2007, back then as a four set piece. The idea was to create a melodic crustpunk band with no boundaries to the typical scene rules; “do this, do that - if not, youré not true enough…” bla bla bla, fuck that. All members comes from different bands such as Asylium, S.O. Detestation (Grindcore), the Act and Cicatriz, among others… so the mix between both metal as well as punk and hardcore have been coming to us in a pretty natural way. The lyrics, written in Swedish, mostly have a focus set on cynical and sarcasmfilled hate.

V.A. - Australian Hardcore Punk (2000-2005)

My collection of 10 Australian Punk & Hardcore bands:

STINKPALM DEATH - Infected Vol1 (2007)

STINKPALM DEATH was formed in February of 2004 in the Pittsburgh suburb of New Kensington, PA by Larry 'The Bad Guy' Stewart, Aaron 'Kamala' Bordonaro and Sick Nick aka Stinkpalm L. Jackson with the focus of jamming live and mixing the American Hardcore sounds of classic hardcore punk bands as Bad Brains, Black Flag and The Cro-Mags with the 80's crossover/thrash power of bands like Stormtroopers of Death, M.O.D, DRI and Slayer. Mix this with a heavy dose of b-rate movie references, toilet humor and a disdain for the 9-5 workplace and you get what the band describes as 'shitsplatter power violence' with a classic diy/grassroots recording approach to music. Great stuff!

V.A. - Punk Rock Without Borders 2010 (Part 6)

Excellent international compilation! Thanks Mysh! :)

INSULT - EmoBashing Fastcore Pimps (2002)

INSULT is a Dutch band that plays Powerviolence / Fastcore in a style related to Infest, Charles Bronson only with a much crustier attitude, mixing elements of old school Hardcore and Japanese fast-core bands into he blend. Brutal fastcore unit inspired by the likes of DROPDEAD, INFEST, NEGATIVE APROACH and SIEGE unleashing a full-scale campaign for Emo-destruction throughtout shows in Europe and the UK. Their lyrics contain a heavy “fuck you all” attitude, as they despise any scene forming and above all, they hate emo’s. 37 tracks on this CD is their entire discography so enjoy to listening!!

STORMCROW - Enslaved In Darkness (2005)

Stormcrow is a great Bay Area Stenchcore / Crust band! Heavy Amebix style Crust which could be likened to bands such as Bolt Thrower, Axegrinder and Hellshock. Stormcrow's sound of thunderous drums, galloping guitar rythms, intricate time patterns, and intensely dark vocals are sure to put them at the top ranks of crust and metal scenes. There’s only five songs on this (their first) full-length LP, which is odd, but then again, two of them are seven minutes long. The album art is done by Mid, guitarist and sometimes vocalist for Deviated Instinct. This is much more memorable than the average crust album, so it’s worth picking up if you’re in the mood for some state-smashing. Link from Filestube! Up the punx!!

BASTARD PRIEST - Under the Hammer of Destruction (2010)

Yeah!!! The latest album from this fantastic Swedish band! Bastard Priest continue their primordial old school Death Metal like Entombed, Grave and Dismember... in Hardcore-Punk style featuring biscuit tin production, death grunts, tortured vocal screams and even more perverse raw shredding feedback enhanced guitarwork on songs like 'Blasphemy From Hell', 'Merciless Insane Death' and - wait for it - 'Power Of Death'!!! So, let's keep this short. if you want a bit of nostalgia, want a new take on past aggression or think Swedish Deathcore wasn't rough enough around the edges Bastard Priest is just what you need. Swedish disdeath! Buy this album on Pulverised Records

CEREMONY - Rohnert Park (2010)

Bay Area CA's Ceremony are back with their third, most unpredictable full-length album to-date ''Rohnert Park''! Named after a town in California that the band grew up in, Rohnert Park showcases Ceremony at their finest as they mix influences like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fucked Up and The Stooges to present their best material yet. Ceremony's trademark pissed off punk stomp is apparent on Rohnert Park and vocalist Ross Farrar's lyrics and delivery are as fiery as ever. Every second of it a modern reinterpreting of hardcore punk's most classic offenders. Full recommended!!!

FUKPIG - Belief Is The Death Of Intelligence (2010)

FUKPIG was originally conceived as a side project by members of the revered and now defunct, Mistress and then put on the backburner due to the success of both Mistress and Anaal Nathrakh. Drawing from a putrid pool of influences such as Extreme Noise Terror, Gorgoroth, Disgust and Mayhem, Fukpig mix up crust, punk, black metal and grind into an almighty mass of audio filth. ''Belief is The Death of Intelligence'' is the follow up to 2009’s well-received -and now sold out- ‘Spewings from a Selfish Nation’. This opus is laden with yet more aggressive crust and gritty grind, with “barely-veiled paranoia and disgust infesting every crevice of the album”. The album is a tirade against church, state and the surveillance society that we find ourselves living in. Enjoy!

V.A. - Murderous Grind Attack (2002)

Japan / USA Grindcore & Powerviolence compilation!!!
He Who Corrupts
Unholy Grave
More Noise for Life
Vulgar Pigeons
Insane'n the Brain
Pretty Little Flower
Bathtub Shitter
Rise Above

CONTAGIUM - Archaic (2010)

Grinding Crust from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 9 songs of primitive stenchcore in the vain of Deviated Instinct and Axegrinder. Dark, heavy, and crushing with reverbed vocals and heavy bass and driving guitars. This LP sounds more metallic, particularly the guitar parts, than their previous releases, but don't let that scare you---it's still thrashy with that UK82 style. A-side and are not afraid to play with tempo. The B-side is almost a whole piece with some rather metallic movements. The controlled chaos sounds like it could become a mess at any moment, and the tension is delicious! It's at times aggressive yet sad, and angry yet pretty. Pretty vinyl!

RISE ABOVE DEAD - Human Disintegration 12'' (2010)

RISE ABOVE DEAD are a dark, metallic, Crust / Hardcore band from Italy who play a style of Hardcore similar in vein to Cursed, Integrity, Tragedy, From Ashes Riseetc, etc, etc. After a year spent sharing euro stages with some of the most active hardcore and punk bands around, Rise Above Dead are now ready to unleash "Human Disintegration", their first official ep recorded in April 2010 and only available on a 12"vinyl format. Heavy guitars and haunting vocals make the record sound like an electric funeral pyre. Definitely a must for fans of dark, metal tinged hardcore. Great debut guys!

V.A. - Singapore Punk Holocaust (2007)

Great 4-way split with 4 fantastic Singapore bands:
Blinded Humanity,
Hatred Jackals,

AGATHOCLES / GATT - Split LP (2009)

Are you ready for raw and noisy grinding Mince Core. GATT is a 3-piece Grindcore / Crust band from Jakarta, Indonesia. They play dark, heavy Grind-Punk like Discharge or Dystopia meets Old School Grindcore like Napalm Death or Unholy Grave with lyrics mainly focus on political and social issues. Expect nothing but raw, in your face, aggressive and no-bullshit Grindcore with fast-paced power chords and loads of blazing tempos. Belgian AGATHOCLES all you already know so for them I will not waste the words! Grind / Crust as fuck. Split Label with Bloodspit and SMYT Records.

NUCLËAR FROST - Wintër Bömbs 83 (2008)

The name is NUCLEAR FROST, it is a consequence of an atomic war that comes with radiation appearing from a dark sky, bringing the Nuclear Frost. Formed in 2006 by the bass player Edoom Nuclear Winter, who called the drummer Tom Trash Crust to form a electro-darkindustrial 80 project in the same way as Alien Sex Fiend. In 2008 they wanted to produce a music like swedish hardcore and english crust 80, the kind of music they like. This project became real when Gabi Crust Force (vocals) and Fred Maclarem (guitar), joined the band and in a short time they recorded the first demo tape, called ''D-beat War 83''. After this the band making a lot shows in São Paulo and near cities, and recorded demo "WINTER BOMBS 83' by the D-BEAT CROW REC!

NEGATIVE APPROACH - Friends Of No One EP (2010)

Negative Approach is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1981. The band is considered among of the Pioneers of hardcore punk and one of the crucial bands in the world's hardcore punk scene! In 2010 original members of Negative Approach recently discovered several tracks in a basement in Detroit Mich. which contained the long lost 1984 sessions of unreleased studio tracks (thought to be the Last session from NEGATIVE APPROACH ) some consider the most sought after lost recordings of AMERICAN HARDCORE the tracks found were "Friends Of No One" + Cargo Cult / Kiss Me Kill Me /Obsession / Genociide & a Studio version of I Got A Right. Now it is published! Enjoy!!!

BRUTAL ASSAULT - Fuck You, Motherfucker! (2007)

Ass-ripping Old School Hardcore Punk from Israel, influented by bands such as Poison Idea, Negative Approach etc. 16 tracks, in 17 minutes, it's as fast as it gets. Brutal Assault was founded in late 2003, by four guys from Haifa, who were intrested in playing some rough, fast and thrashy Hardcore Punk, with songs which talk about the every day life, some happenings inside the punk scene, and other things that piss them off. Nadav (drummer) and david (guitarist) already played together in bands such as "kuskus" and "citizen x", so they joined forces with Jenia (vocalist) and Gonik (bassist), and the band was formed. Great and full recommended!!!

DISKELMA - Diskelma EP (2006)

The first EP of this great Finnish band! The story of DISKELMÄ began in Helsinki during the spring of 2005. The first couple of songs were fast hardcore punk, but they were quickly thrown away after they came up with the song 'FILTHY FUTURE'. The tune sounded so powerful that they decided to start playing D-Beat at once. After only a couple of rehearsals a demo of 3 songs was recorded. During the summer of 2005, many rehearsals were held at Vuoritalo (R.I.P.) and new songs were written. The time was right to conquer other territory, and two shows were already booked at Lempäälä and Tampere. During these excursions 11 songs + one cover was recorded at Napalmi Studio and six of them were chosen for this 7''!! Enjoy!

VITAMIN X - Full Scale Assault (2008)

VITAMIN X is a straightforward, fast and aggressive Hardcore Punk band...and yes, they are also straight edge. Full Scale Assault features one of the coolest album covers I’ve seen in a long time. Within the Full Scale Assault package lies a pretty standard crossover record though. In simple words, there is the hardcore, the chanted choruses (‘suck, you suck, you suck suck suck’ in the emblematic “You Suck”), the blasts, the speed, the furious vocal lines, the lack of finesse, the careless, violent and rambunctious spirit and then there is the hardcore, the chanted choruses, the blasts, the speed, the furious vocal lines, the careless, violent and rambunctious spirit and a surprising sense of melodic soloing courtesy of guitarist Marc Emmerik. Great album and full recommended!!!

BRAINDEATH - State of Fear (2009)

BRAINDEATH, São Paulo, Brasil, got together at 2008, with the intention of doing raw old school Thrash Metal with Punk & Hardcore lyrics. The influencies came from the thrash metal (bands like Vio-lence, Evildead, Slayer), crossover-thrash (D.R.I. Ratos de Porão, Attitude Adjustment) and hardcore bands as well (Gorilla Biscuits, Discharge, Cólera) The band is formed by "not so young and not so veterans" in the São Paulo metal and hardcore scene. Soon they started to do songs by their own authory and at the end of 2008 they released a promo demo with two songs which finally lead the band to release the first one debut demo called "State Of Fear" in the beggining of 2009, with the re-recording of the promo two songs and three brand new songs. Check out!

V.A. - Discharge Tribute (2008)

What can I say... Absolutely fantastic!!!
1. Disclose - Why? 2. Distress - Meanwhile 3. Extinction Of Mankind - Ain't No feeble Bastard 4. Asocial - And Children 5. Tragedy - Possibility Of Life's Destruction 6. Napalm Death - War's No Fairy Tale 7. Death Breath - Maimed And Slaughtered 8. The Perukers - Protest And Survive 9. Mobcharge - And Children 10. War Collapse - The Blood Runs Red 11. Accion Mutante - Possibility Of Life's Destruction 12. Resistant Culture - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 13. Boxed In - The Blood Runs Red 14. Mob 47 - The Nightmare Continues

ABDUKTIO - Discography 2001-2004

ABDUKTIO is a hardcore punk band from Tampere, Finland. They released their first demo in 1998 and have released two full lengths and many EP's since then on Fullsteam records and now Finnish punk label Combat Rock Industry. This is a collection of their songs that were recorded in the period from 2001 to 2004. This is the extreme soundtrack for the destruction of the capitalist agenda some call life. As you know, the force of destruction can also be a creative force. Their music and their lyrics to prove this on the best way - Direct and straight to the face!! Read more on

AGAINST EMPIRE / ISKRA - Bring The War Home (2006)

Southern California HC Crust Punk meets Victoria Canada Black Metal influenced Crust for one of the most brutal splits to come out in 2006! Against Empire seem to evolve more with each release and this is one of the best material ever. Extremely heavy and punk as fuck. Enough variation in the music to satisfy everyone. Top knotch recording! Lyrics are well thought out and delivered beautiful in powerful growling vokills. Iskra is a Canadian anarchist crust punk and extreme metal band founded in Victoria, British Columbia in 2002. Their name in Russian means "spark" (искра). Four tracks of anarchist brutality. Great album!!!

MALIGNANT TUMOUR - Earthshaker (2010)

Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR (Czech Rep) has started in fall of 1991. That time it was more funny Noisecore than something serious. In 1992 the band becomes more serious grindcore with pathological lyrics. After some demos in '95 both left the band because they weren't interested in grindcore anymore. In 1997 band changed their lyrics from pathological topics to more socialy aware lyrics against homophobia, racism, fascism and world system which enslave people around the world. Also, the band changed their sound and now this is more something like a Crust'n'Roll. This is their last album which was released in June this year. Recommended!!

VǺLD - Boycott Your Life (2006)

Våld (on English: Violence) is a Finnish Crust / Punk / Death Metal band invented in the hard ashes of corrosion. Våld was formed in 2002 by Nick Napalm, former guitarist of Finnish metal act Terrorwheel. During 7 active years Våld has managed to record a quickly sold-out debut album, and a critically acclaimed follow-up which gained the band respect in Mexico, Japan and Germany... On the verge of World domination, with the base of an insane upcoming album already recorded, the successful project fell into reprobation. May the blame be put on forces beyond control... Anyhow! Stay tuned, cause they are still working on the album! A fresh monster-disc will be delivered to your doorstep soon, this year!!!

V.A. - Naziscum Your Time Has Come (2009)

International Anti-Fa compilation with bands of different musical styles!
Tracklist: 1. Asbest - Fick dich Nazi (2:16) 2. Heaven Shall Burn - Destroy Fascism (1:59) 3. Radio Havanna - Faschist (1:07) 4. Weißwurscht is - Nazischwein (5:02) 5. Die Ärzte - Schrei Nach Liebe (4:14) 6. Deny Your State - Fight Fascism (2:14) 7. Die Siffer - Scheißfrisur (3:08) 8. Escapado - Grau in Grau (2:19) 9. Kurzer Prozess-Nie Mehr (2:57) 10. Loikaemie - Good Night white Pride (2:20) 11. Nevermind-Nazischlampe (2:48) 12. DKH - Fon Debilen (2:06) 13. No Respect - No Nazi`s Friend (3:26) 14. Wizo - Raum Der Zeit (1:39) 15. Terrorgruppe - Opa (1:58) 16. Wilde Zeiten-Du bist Nazi (3:09) 17. M:40 - Innanför muren (1:50) 18. Sin Dios-Alerta Antifascista (2:01) 19. Blood For Blood-Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II) (3:31) 20. Die Bandbreite-Kein Sex mit Nazis (3:34)

UNKIND - Yhteiskunnan pikkuvikoja (2010)

The fourth LP from Finnish Unkind is a diverse one and the band is flirting with more than one style. Some of the songs that draw a lot of black metal influence and it is very well composed... There are both up- and downsides to this, so here's my attempt to guide you through it. So, in conclusion this is a really good album, although I could have done without those instrumental pieces. Some of the tracks on this album could have gained from a little more rumble and power, but that’s a minor complaint on my behalf. Also I should mention that the CD version of the album is included.

EXTORTION - Loose Screws (2010)

Extortion are a Hardcore / Powerviolence band from Perth, Western Australia who have built themselves something of a cult fanbase over the past few years. ''Loose Screws'' is the groups 2010 release, and is straight to the point from the get-go. What follows are several tracks which simply do not let up in energy for the entire duration of the release, with a cutting rhythm section fueled by melodic basslines and excellent drumming guitarist Brendan's powerchords always cut through with a healthy intensity. Great & full recommended!!!

V.A. - Sons Of Eastern Darkness (2007)

Serbian Black Metal compilation:
1. Zaklan – Mrij gospode
2. The Stone – Novas nikog nema pred doerima Nava
3. Simargal – Devil’s Lake Of Manon
4. Svartgren – Izrod
5. Wolf’s Hunger – Zmnlja moja u plamenu je…
6. May result – Mesec je sad sa nama
7. Besomar – Final Incounter
8. Maroth – Predskazanje
9. Posmrtna Liturgija – Demons From The Past
10. Bethor – Stab Through The Heart
11. Oksanat – Besmrtan
12. Interfector – Na krilima noci


ANTIPHATY - For The Scene (2000)

ANTIPHATY formed in the 1997 out of a Punk band at Malang, Indonesia. The music filled with punk and crusty beats on a raw distorted soundscapes. Lyrically, the band talks about social and human conflict. At 1999 guys continued to releases 'Undercontrol' LP on Confuse recs. Antiphaty also doing a split project with Depress (s'pore) released by Broken Noise recs, and Extreme Decay (indonesia) released by Confuse recs. This time was released a single for compilation such as 'A Tributte To Terrorizer' (Edelweiss recs) and 'Sodara Sebotol' but their most acclaimed album titled 'For The Scene' have released on 2000 and got a wide responses. Great stuff!

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