EXCUSES - State Emergency 7" (2009)

Six songs of stripped to the bones punk rock fury. All spat out in a fast pace like a S.O.A., DEFIANCE, DEPRIVED and some of the best UK82 mayhem. The songs are ace, have plenty of power, passion and an abundance of upbeat energy. EXCUSES are at odds with society and with good reason. From their lyrics we’re destroying the planet, daily life, meaningless capitalist exploitation and apathetic punk. These four Irish guys that are EXCUSES are fucking excellent and this 7” should be in everyone’s collection. Totally enjoyable, with a raging fuck you fist in the air and it’s pressed on Irish green vinyl. (rewiev by Mel Hughes). Thanx goes out to ME DISTRO!!

NUX VOMICA - Asleep In The Ashes (2009)

Another Portland's band ;) NUX VOMICA recorded their second full-length album on Aborted Society, “Asleep in the Ashes.” Constantly defying easy classification, NUX VOMICA has persistently challenged and redefined the constructs of DIY punk since their inception in 2003, and this release is certainly testament to that. Merging elements of crust, thrash metal, sludge, doom, psychedelia and post-rock, Asleep in the Ashes is a 60-minute long epic that weaves in and out of genres with equal amounts of ferocity and complexity....


VISIONS OF WAR (Belgium) - after some years of silence this belgian band is back on vinyl with 8 songs of powerful intense Crustcore with dual male vocals,some scandinavian influences mixed to a "classic" Hiatus / Doom style. Good recording quality. OLHO DE GATO - incredible explosive ultrafast Hardcore / Punk!! 24 songs of brutal violence mixed with some grinding parts that will kill you! This multiethnichal band featuring ex Boycot singer and ex Patareni drummer. Good recording quality too. LP comes out in gatefold cover with all the lyrics inside.

HELLSHOCK - They Wait For You Still LP (2005)

Another great album from one of Portlands best bands at the moment, great second LP of Crust & D-beat inspired metal. Album starts with great metallic riffs and give you already a good envy for headbanging... and a moshpit! Hellshock is delicately oscillating between crust/punk like Discharge, Disfear, Dellamorte, Wolfpack with a good old Metal twist, good thrashing guitar riffs. This is solid, this is real honest music, sincere and straight from the heart, as it should be... this is amazing.... THIS IS HELLSHOCK! For more info how to get this amazing album, go to www. cahrecords. com

NONSENSE - Red i Rad (Demo 2008)

BAND INFO - Nonsense, Požega is a old Croatian Crust Punk band formed in summer 1994. "Red i Rad" is about bringing back the anger and approach of traditional former Yugoslavian and worldwide hardcore trash. This is not "retro" or "old school", this sound is what the band think is missing today, and for Nonsense it perfectly fits the harsh subjects that we are dealing with; life at Balkans, wars, corruption, ideological hipocrisy, and social decay. No preaching here, just the real life disillusion and despair. Demo included 3 cover songs (U.B.R., Ženevski Dekret and Discharge). Great material! 5 stars for old friends ;)

V.A. - Grind Osaka (2003)

Very good Japanese compilation with 12 Grindcore bands:

COLISEUM - Goddamage (2005)

Coliseum's Goddamage EP must be listened to in order to be believed. Hell, looking at the cover art, one has to know what to expect. The groove, the vocals, the total deconstruction and reconstruction of it all just really shows off Coliseum's ability to hit hard. Album begins with an absolutely killer track, "Year of the Pig." This song rips through its two and a half minutes with longing, desperate vocals that hint at a resolve to personally change. The groove laid down by the guitars almost induces listeners to their heads in time to the music. It turns out to be a great way to kidnap listeners for the remainder of the EP - Full recommend!

SCUM NOISE - Discography CD (2001)

Scum Noise (Sao Paolo, Brasil) is a Hardcore / Punk band formed in summer 1990. In the early days the band was played a brutal noisy Grindcore Punk like Extreme Noise Terror, but some years later they are started to play little slowely :) This is wonderful discography album which was released in 2001. The lyrics subject is always related to worlds social and political problems.. Good lyrics and fuckin great music, so If you read this, go and listen to them!I really love this band and for me it’s highly recommended. PS - The new album comming soon....

RAINBOW OF DEATH - Rainbow of Death 10'' (2007)

Yeah! These guys (and girl) are one of the most ferocious powerviolence bands I’ve ever heard!! Think Romantic Gorilla on speed in France. Formed in Bayonne (France) with members of ''Monarch'', ''Gasmask Terrör'' and the now dead ''George Bitch Jr''... Fucking great noisy Fastcore / Punk with female voice! It's way the best thing in the universe of fast Hardcore in my opinion! Imagine a mix between Öpstand and Melt Bananarama. Recorded at Amanita studio (520 copies on white / black to support ebay and 510 on black for the losers ;) If someone hates this band, then he is a fucking loser with no humour and nothing to do with music.

WOLFBRIGADE - Prey to the world (2007)

Wolfbrigade (formerly Wolfpack) is a Swedish D-beat / Crust / Punk masters, formed in 1995. Their lineup has included members of Asta Kask, To What End?, Today's Overdose, Cosa Nostra, Anti Cimex, Obscure Infinity and Harlequin. Fucking groundbreaking mix of Swedish Hardcore Punk and Metal that paved the way for bands such as Tragedy and many others great young bands! A The band split up in 2004 because of lack of motivation and Micke needing surgery for vocal chord problems. January 7, 2007, Wolfbrigade announced on their Myspace profile that they were reuniting! ;) and this is their comeback album! ...'course...

VOCO PROTESTA - Vojo Al Libereco LP (2009)

Oh, this beautiful japanese noise! ;) Tokyo's VOCO PROTESTA blend the best of the last 15 years of Japanese distorted hardcore with the early 80’s European punk attitude. Their sound has changed a touch since their three 7"s - It’s more dynamic, perhaps less CONFUSE and more CRUDE SS. However, their ideas are still the same, highly idealistic anarchist lyrics about a better world sang in Esperanto. Their sonic approach is still distorted, primitive and urgent. Fast and angry. 'Vojo el Libereco' is a classic slice of raw hardcore for any fans of GLOOM, FRAMTID, D-CLONE and other masters of the old school japanese destructors!

THE VIRUS - Nowhere To Hide (2002)

The Virus was one of the best Brasilian Punk & Hardcore bands around during their time together and this release definitly shows it. Formed in Feb. 1998. In July 1998 they recorded first 2 songs for a split CD with New York band -The Manix- (with members of the Devotchkas & Casualties). Only 130 copies of the CD were made and they sold out quickly. Nice.... There is the second The Virus full-length album and (my opinion) is thats the best material from the band ever! With songs like "Nowhere to Hide", "Rats in the City" and "Already Dead" make this a punk masterpeice. Full recommend!

MASS HYPNOSIS - Population Under Control EP (2009)

The band was formed as a project in the year of 2006 including several renowned Croatian metal artists who already had a lot of experience on stage and in the studio. Following several gigs the guys decided to form a real band and put all of our creativity and passion for extreme music into it. The original name of the band was ''This Mortal Coil'', followed by naming the band ''Deadweight Loss'', but because of our lyrics, band iconography and our life principals we all agreed upon the name ''MASS HYPNOSIS''. Fantastic tehnical Deathcore / Hardcore / Punk with two great voice’s and good, inteligently lyrics

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