INTEGRITY - Thee DestroyORR (2011)

Integrity is a metallic hardcore band formed in 1988. Although the group suggested their return to form on last year's "comeback" LP, The Blackest Curse, on Thee Destroy+ORR, the band sinks deeper into both their low-end rumblings and doomsday musings. Composed of six new tracks and seven others which were previously released on EPs and seven-inches, As with most Integrity releases, Thee Destroy+ORR roots their sound in late '80s metalcore & hardcore... Rather, taking elements from both thrash metal and hardcore punk, the group binds the two together in such a way that when a particular crushing riff does its job, or th e clomp of the drums drive the crew forward, it's hard to tell if that particular piece is metal-influenced...or punk-influenced...rather, it just is.

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