ŽENEVSKI DEKRET (Geneve Decree) was a legendary Yugoslavian Trash / Punk band formed in 1983 in Bosnian town Mostar. In 1983rd Mostar lived its apathy, and there was no sign that anything is going to ever change in eternally red Mostar. However, boys were persistent and they soon recorded the first songs. Began to play shows and concerts... By the beginning of the war in former Yugoslavia they released several recordings and appeared on numerous compilations. The war begins… But in 1997 in Sweden city Norrköping something is going happen. There Golub, Habi, Mujic and guitarist Haris will meet. It will be new line up of ZD. After 5 months of practicing they entered the studio and recorded 12 songs, different than earlier material. Finally, here is your chance to hear them... Highly recommended!!

BLACK DOVE - No Future/No Fate 12" (2008)

Nine bloody tracks of heavy, ferocious Hardcore / punk from Ohio in under 22 minutes. Only mutants from the fucked up place that voted in George W. Bush twice could have dreamed up this mixture of Scandanavian crust, speed and doom metal. The music is unrelenting, ugly and driving without being formulaic. The lyrics are bleak, but are not without hope and the will to search for what is beyond the grave. Recorded on 2" analog tape. Pressing of 1,000, packaging comes with silver foil artwork and printed inner sleeve. For fans of bands similar to Martyrdöd, Nuclear Death Terror, etc.

V.A. - Youth Crew EP (2009)

Hardcore various artists from Belgium, USA, South Korea and Sweden...
1 True Colors - My City
2 Mindset - Building Tomorrow
3 Break Through - What You Seek
4 Things We Say - Move On
5 Right Idea - Dare To Care
6 Fired Up - Overruled
7 Go For Broke - The Difference
8 One Voice - Human Demise


MK-ULTRA - Discography 2x12'' LP (2009)

MK-ULTRA was a Hardcore / Thrash / Punk band from Chicago, formed in 1993. They were known for their fast music and outspokenness on political and social topics ranging from capitalism to Christianity. They finally broke up in 2000, although the band continued donating songs to compilations for some years afterwards. Drummer Ebro Virumbrales also played in well-known hardcore bands Charles Bronson and Los Crudos at the same time as MK-ULTRA. Singer Frank Hanney went on to form Fourteen or Fight and The O.S.S. Jeff Jelen went on to form Punch in the Face, VMW with Mark McCoy on vocals, and American Mosquito with former vocalist Jeff Bachner. After all, you need a recommendation?! :)

OTVORENI PRELOM - Live At Zeppelin (Serbia) 2010

Yeah!! Awesome live record from Serbian Crusty Hardcore band OTVORENI PRELOM (eng: OPEN FRACTURE). The idea of the band was formed several years ago, but the combination of circumstances, didn't find adequate people to meet the demands of the band and then all the other stories in the shade. Winter 2008 made the move towards implementation and start functioning band. Open Fracture was approached by Geber and Kočog, bassist and drummer from the band LEPROSY. Further work of the band will soon break open and get a taste of their own, because they don't intend to stop now! Sound quality is a very high level! Total aggression!!! Highly recommended!

MURDER MEDIA - Nothing In This World Was Put Here For You (2010)

Murder Media is a five piece band from Columbia, South Carolina that currently composes a slightly blackened, thrashy and doom-orientated take on Punk. The guys cuts are aggressive, pissed, tempering and politically charged with sneering vocals. This album shows Murder Media's anger and uncomfortable-ness with the façade of the suburban dream. ''They are don't oppose all forms of media; rather, they opposed to the propagation of a nonexistent monoculture that sets a standard and boundary for the life well-lived. In a world where people want you to be afraid of the beautiful, the ugly, and the unknown-- to pervert all that is interesting or mysterious into a god-ritual that celebrates exclusion and stratification with gaudy songs and tacky flags (and then expects you to pay for it, too!), why not cut the cord to your radio, burn the paper, cancel the cable and smash the screen?''

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