BOLESNO GRINJE - Grinje, grinje, grinje (2011)

All you old school grindcore fans stay tuned for another Hc / Grind masterpiece! New full lenght BOLESNO GRINJE record! This album is an awesome realise so check it out! 15 tracks for 25 minutes of pure Grind / Crust / Hardcore massacre! ''Grinje, grinje, grinje'' is available as a digital download too on the BANDCAMP, so go get your own copy of raw Bolesno Grinje grind anger!

CRIATURAS - Oscuridad Eterna (2011)

Fuck yeah! CRIATURAS is a new band from members (girl and bassist) of Deskonocidos. I have nothing else to say except that it's a excellent band! Great riffs and arrangements, pessimistic lyrics and fantastic femal voice! The fact is: This record will blow your mind! Succinctly: Great, great, great! Full recommended!!!

MASSGRAVE - Self Titled LP (2011)

MassGrave have been punishing Crust punks, Grind freaks, and their turntables since 2001. After 6 split 7"s, a split 10", a split LP, one full length EP and one LP from over 5 years ago, their new self titled album features them at the top of their game, dominating with 15 crust war anthems. After spinning this massive slab of vinyl, you'll agree that angry, grinding Crust is Vancouver, BC's finest export - the production is excellent - with a clear, realistic drum sound, fast crust riffage, and vocals that are totally blown out and pissed off. 3, 2, 1... GO!!!

DISHAMMER - Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark (2010)

Their describes them as ‘a fight between Discharge and Hellhammer with Motorhead and Bathory being played in the background’. This is probably the most accurate description to classify Dishammer. Its mutated half-brother crust seems to delve further and further into the obscurities of paganism and Northern European black metal. No slight against either, of course, but with Dishammer’s newest EP ‘Under The Sign of the D-beat Mark’ we see that trend still being carried into the new decade, with greater enthusiasm then damn near any other band in the scene.


Another Agathocles split release, collect 'em all! This finds the long-running Belgians paired with Portugese Crustcore grinders Simbiose for one serious blast attack! AGATHOCLES is a one of the more well known acts in the Grindcore world. On this record the band shows their Grindcore skills once again, but not classic grind, this is fuckin' Disbeat! As well as that they still haven't really run out of ideas. The SIMBIOSE base is Crust! Crust come's from the Punk people who wanted to play Metal. Hehe... :) but obviously the influences are a lot in the end we mix other styles! Very nice split!

REALITY CRISIS - Sound Of Destruction EP (2011)

The last realise from leaders of the Nagoya city Punk & Hardcore gang! REALITY CRISIS is total blown out Japanese dual-vocalled Crust / Hardcore that mixes noisy peace punk with maybe DOOM/E.N.T. High tension and powerful production! REALITY CRISIS was also really great live... one of their singers is a fuckin' maniac! Full recommended!!

REPROACH - The Bitter End (2011)

Belgium’s long running trashcore maniacs REPROACH back with a killer new full length – these songs are fast and blistering! To the point fast hardcore / thrashcore that will amaze fans of NEGATIVE APPROACH, INFEST, SSD.... This even ties in some killer fastcore melodies that get the circle-pit moving faster then you could ever imagine! LP/CD is available on DEEP SIX RECORDS

V.A. - Striving Higher - A Hardcore Compilation (2011)

1. Arthur Rizk - Intro (1:08)
2. Foundation - No One Writes Protest Songs Anymore (2:35)
3. The Rival Mob - My Culture (2:02)
4. Inside - The World As It Is (2:42)
5. Disengage - Think For Yourself (1:45)
6. Battle Ruins - Cold Iron Death (4:33)
7. The Mongoloids - Unneccessarily Neccessary (2:06)
8. Blacklisted - Those Shields Around You (3:51)
9. Dead Stop - Hate To Say (1:14)
10. Rhythm ToThe Madness - Challenging The Heavens (Part I & II) (7:38)
11. Blkout - Idle Hands (1:15)
12. Stick Together - End It (1:46)
13. Tremors - Creekside (1:38)
14. NAILS - Black Cloud (0:33)
15. Bracewar - The Race (2:59)
16. As We Let Go - Life In The Crack (2:18)
17. War Hungry - Broken On The Wheel (3:28)

NUX VOMICA - Embrace the Cycles 7" EP (2011)

The latest release from Portland’s Nux Vomica! This record will inject your brain with 12 minutes of off-the-hook metallic crust that will leave an indelible impression on your braincells with it’s mammoth sound. Nux Vomica’s vocals are beyond outstanding for a couple of reasons, the tone of his delivery is spot fucking on, totally raw. Something about the words that this band writes are uplifting, and inspires you to look at the world/humanity for what it is really about. Their songwriting is compelling and thought-provoking, and it’s pure sonic crust fury!

THE HELPLESS - Absurd Human Performance (2011)

After a great demo tape and a split tape with Leprosy, THE HELPLESS have honed their obvious Japanese influences D-beat to create a solo drenched chaotic juggernaut this time around. These dudes sprouted from the ashes of DEAD NOISE and feature a member of KRUEL, but mostly they just fuckin' destroy. A meaty bass and drum make for a perfect backdrop for noise guitars and destroyed vocals which is why we really listen to this shit anyway.

ISKRA / DOOM SIREN - Split LP (2011)

After many delays from the pressing plant, the Iskra / Doom Siren Split LP is finaly available! Apocalyptic blackened and grinding crust from Canadian anarchist ISKRA and 4 tracks on the first side of this LP. Lyrically, Iskra's early material followed, more-or-less, in the anarcho punk tradition with regard to topic and theme. DOOM SIREN (Austin, Texas) are also represented with 4 songs, a little slower but rather dark and heavy. Absolutely essential for anybody even remotely interested in crust and hardcore with metal influence.

ACEPHALIX - Self Titled (2009)

Get ready for a mix of headbanging, foot-tapping and fist-raising, without being quite Crust / Thrash / Metal! Haling from San Francisco ACEPHALIX play a rather American old school form of Hardcore Crust with guitar work that belongs a lot from Thrash and broken D-beat. Lots of thrashing, cool old school abrasive riffs and just the right dose of heaviness makes this short album a lot of fun to listen to. For all Amebix & Discharge fans!

MOB 47 - Hardcore Attack EP - Re-realesed (2011)

As you know MOB 47 is a hardcore punk band which formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982, originally under the name of "Censur". ,,Hardcore attack,, cassette was releasesd as their first demo in 1983.this time it's released with original artwork an official on 7"ep. amazing mixed UK HC with Skandinawian Hardcore Noise! the birth of Stockholm mangel! You know who they are! Enjoy raw power!!

REJECTED YOUTH - Fuck The Consent CD (2011)

Four years after their last LP REJECTED YOUTH finally made it their fourth LP „Fuck The Consent“. Founded in 1998 REJECTED YOUTH from Nuremberg have become one of the most established punk institutions over the years. Fuck The Consent is a consequent development and proves in an impressive manner that hymn-like, political Hardcore / Punk / Rock is timelessly modern and therefore certifies REJECTED YOUTH to be one of the most important bands in this genre! CD is available on Concrete Jungle Rec.

HELLCRAWLER - Wastelands (2011)

Raw crust stuff from Slovenia! HELLCRAWLER just formed last year so it is especially awesome to see this level of kicked ass for a first release! They are a bunch of cynical wasteland denizens who found unsavory panacea in the symbiosis of Punk violence, Stoner rock atmosphere and heavy riffage. I guess it's a pretty good description. Interesting mix of Old schoole Black Metal, Sludge, Crust-Punk, D-beat and all kind of brutality. Recommended for all you crusty moterfuckers!

MARION BARRY - Black Power Violence (2011)

If you heard them on last years ‘This Comp Kills Fascists Vol 2’ you’ll know what to expect. Songs are nicely wrapped up in under a minute and the rawness of the recording even adds to the experience. It’s as playful and ridiculous as Spazz, but their uncompromising rawness gives them a nastier, eviler sound that gives off a more obvious sense of passion. There’s even noise bits in there. What could be better?

V.A. - NOISEGRINDFEST Vol 1 (2011)

1. Armada From Hell – Mainstream? No, Thanks! (1:13)
2. Busuk – Virus Mind (1:51)
3. Cinta Monyet - Harus Gila Donk!! (0:33)
4. Doctrin Dead – Legal Decay (2:30)
5. Ginjal – Republik Dosa (1:19)
6. Kisah Asmara – Grind Forever (0:15)
7. Monicaforgana – Hedonis (2:59)
8. Ninja Hatorry – Keringat Dan Darah (1:17)
9. Poros Setan – Pradigma Sok Modern “Live” (1:16)
10. Reckles – Screaming Anti Mainstream (1:02)
11. Rotting Rex – It’s Time To Drunk (New Vers.) (1:13)
12. Salah Jalan – Selamat Datang Globalisasi (TxG Cover) (1:50)
13. Tumor Ganas – Killed By Tetanus “Live” (1:09)
14. Tutup Mulut – Banyak Janji, Banyak Mati (1:36)
15. Veloci Rooster – (BABI) Banyak Bicara (0.43)
16. Verstecken Fakk – Anjing Sekali!! “Live” (The Protesters Cover) (0:21)
from Noise Bomb Sounds

BROTTSKOD 11 - Levande Döda Tape (2011)

The debut demo tape from these Swedish punks. Hailing from Östersund, Sweden, BROTTSKOD 11 are a new fucking raw zombie hardcore punk band formed in early January 2011 with members from such bands as WARVICTIMS, ELECTRIC FUNERAL, DESPERAT and TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER. Eight songs in just fifteen minutes of dirty fucking raw hardcore punk that has a classic nineties Scandi-crust feel about it. Great!

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