CIVIL TERROR - Surrounded by Assholes (2008)

Ripping hardcore LP from this Dutch band... Continuing where their ‘Rising’ 7” on Crucial Attack records left off this 12” record features eighteen tracks of raging insanity! Reminds me a lot of Voorhees and even Out Cold. Just pounding, no bullshit hardcore that's clearly not trying to be part of any scene. Although they started out as a cockrockband called TURBO LOVER this band totally derailed after being in a traffic jam of unknown and unequalled length. It changed their lives and sexual preferences forever :)) The result was a new band called CIVIL TERROR and only one master: SPEED!!!

SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS - Strangle You 7'' (2010)

This band is fucking nuts. Taking the best elements of so many different bands and combining them all into what I'm slightly reluctant to call a perfect band. So far, anyway. Apparently a taste of their upcoming LP, and if that is anything like this it's going to be one of the best albums of whatever year it actually comes out in. More on this record, this is a traditional single (A Side/B Side), both with that distinctive Virginia sound. Not that that is surprising, considering these guys share members with the likes of Government Warning!!!

PLEVOK / DISCHAOS - Split CD (2009)

Plevok (Ukraine) was formed in december 2008 by two punks Vitya and Jele. They both liked fast and hard Crust & Hardcore Punk music and decided to create band with two vocals. They are play raw and fast D-beat with elements of Hardcore and Thrash Metal. The band Dischaos (Brasil) was formed in the end of 2006. Their musical influences are from the roots of D-beat with Crust, like the following bands: Disclose, Anti Cimex, Discharge, Doom and Wolfbrigade. With direct and raw lyrics that speak about the chaos of the world we live in, about the angst and fear of people who are subjected by selfishness of the envoriment, about never ending wars sponsored by Capitalism in search of more power. Very solid split with two intresting bands!

YUGOSLAVIA PUNK 1977-1991 - Vol 1

1. PEKINŠKA PATKA - Bila Je Tako Lijepa (3:22)
2. KUZLE - Vahid (1:54)
3. SOLUNSKI FRONT - Mali Svet (1:44)
4. U.B.R. - U.B.R. (1:02)
5. MOTUS - Vikend Ratnici (2:52)
6. ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE - Vojna Smrt (1:47)
7. TERMITI - Vjeran Pas (3:03)
8. PANKRTI - Jest Sem Na Liniji (1:32)
9. PARAF - Visokotirazni Mir (2:16)
10. ŽENEVSKI DEKRET - A bili su tako lijepi (4:00)

YUGOSLAVIA PUNK 1977-1991 - Vol 2

1. MOTUS - Kravata (3:01)
2. U.B.R. - Pustota (2:20)
4. NIET - Tvoje Oci (2:35)
5. SATAN PANONSKI - Oci U Magli (3:21)
6. PROCES - Nemojte Misliti Da Se Slažem (1:32)
7. PARAF - Ruzan San (3:27)
8. SARLO AKROBATA - Rano Izjutra (3:10)
9. TOZIBABE - Dezuje (2:15)
10. PETAR I ZLI VUCI - Kozaci (2:13)


Long delayed for too many reasons, this record is finally seeing the light of day! HOD recorded their tracks in fall of last year and they bring upon 5 short classics of fastcore perfection the way that only Hummingbird Of Death can do. Long running Washington band Sidetracked give us 9 songs in 2 minutes of brief, spiteful but hard hitting fast and aggressive hardcore, still somewhere between later 90's straight edge hardcore like Count Me Out combined with the fast power violence of Lack of Interest. Recommended!!!


This is my collection of old Japanese hardcore / punk bands. Check it!
- Anti-Septic - First Last (1986)
- D.I.E. - D.I.E. (1984)
- Deadless Muss - Deadless Muss (1985)
- Gasmask - 7 Inch EP (1982)
- Ghoul - Carry Out Fucking (1985)
- Ghoul - Jerusalem (1986)
- Vivisick - Punks Were Made Before Sounds
- Gudon - Zannin Seija (1985)
- Mad - Eyeball 7" (1979)

HOLOKAUST - ST 7'' (2002)

Holokaust is a d-beat crust band from California / USA, formed in '99. and this is their first 7", released in 2002 by After the Bombs Records. This 7" delivers three tracks influenced by bands like Discharge, Joy Division, Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Disclose, Black Sabbath, Motörhead. You can notice the dark and depressive side of their music but not in a melodic way. The sound is just straight to your face. Vocals are rough and shouting, music wise guitar delivers a nice blending of Discharge, Varukers and the likes, bass and percussion are just great and decent and complete the whole picture.

A GLOBAL THREAT - Where The Sun Never Sets (2006)

A Global Threat has been a household name in the underground punk community for the past decade. Sharing the stage with bands like Dropkick Murphy's, Strike Anywhere, The Casualties and The Unseen, who AGT has also shared many members with, A Global Threat has been relentless on the road as well as in the studio. Having already released 3 full lengths through labels like Punk Core, ADD and Rodent Popsicle, AGT enters the BYO family with a loyal fanbase and a few notches on their spiked belt to boot! Combining old school punk rock with hardcore metal riffs, AGT has created an original sound that transcends their counterparts.

SUBCULTURE - Resist the Abuse (2007)

SUBCULTURE, Malta, started in Sept 2001, when Ray and JP, who at that time were both in local band Spirit of '77, decided to form SUBCULTURE. The musical direction is a blend of Anarcho Punk. ''Resist The Abuse'' is their 3rd CD album. The lyrics are based around the anarchist dream of a better world without the need of authorities to impose on us their failed undemocratic systems, tackles subjects regarding animal rights, politics, prostitution and our social daily problems. SUBCULTURE are also involves in animal rights activities and were also one of the organisators of the anti animal cruelty demonstration regarding animal circus. If you like this...

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