PLEVOK / DISCHAOS - Split CD (2009)

Plevok (Ukraine) was formed in december 2008 by two punks Vitya and Jele. They both liked fast and hard Crust & Hardcore Punk music and decided to create band with two vocals. They are play raw and fast D-beat with elements of Hardcore and Thrash Metal. The band Dischaos (Brasil) was formed in the end of 2006. Their musical influences are from the roots of D-beat with Crust, like the following bands: Disclose, Anti Cimex, Discharge, Doom and Wolfbrigade. With direct and raw lyrics that speak about the chaos of the world we live in, about the angst and fear of people who are subjected by selfishness of the envoriment, about never ending wars sponsored by Capitalism in search of more power. Very solid split with two intresting bands!

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  1. Does anyone know if some other material Dischaos has launched?


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