D-CLONE - Creation and Destroy (2012)

Japanese D-Beat / Crust mayhem, weird-ass distortion and tempo changes!! D-clone is straight ahead to Wall of noise. going to devide from Finnish hc punk Folkeiis, more originality sounds steping next level of hardcore punk! their rebellion and defiance minds beating a wind hole to the era!

HARD RESISTANCE - Lawless and Disorder (2012)

Fucking hard and brutal assault against the government, politics, social institutes, religion and the so-called dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. Modern slavery is the enema of our modern world. Stop thinking out of the box. Follow your leaders. Obey. 100% pure. HARD RESISTANCE continue with their crusade against all traditions- no compromises. HARD RESISTANCE have developed their own form of Hardcore / Punk with Crustcore elements, hard hitting riffs and up tempo songs what results in a massive wall of sound with an aggressive vocal in the mix.

THE VOIDS - Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope LP (2007)

At long last the vinyl version is out from Orange County's own; The Voids. By far their best release! For all fans of early 80's  Hardcore / Punk / Rock (Vice Squad, Red Scare, Human Therapy) as well as the Expelled (a little) will LOVE this! Relised by DR STANGE RECORDS

M:40 - Diagnos (2012)

Fuck! The new album from Swedish D-beat / Crust band M:40 - definitely the best record of this band ever! This is their first new material since 2008. What can I say.... They are extreme, they are so fucking raw, and this is the best they have done so far. My favorite tracks is the ultra fast "Livslång väntan", the desperate "Väck mig vid slutet" and the dark hardcore crust song "Avfall".



Indonesian Punx: A Tribute To Punx Around The World - Mixtape

BOMBARDIR - Power And Greed (Wolfpack)
KÖNTRASÖSIAL - 124 (Meanwhile)
ALCOHOLOCRUST - State Violence State Control (Discharge)
TOTAL BANXAT - Smash Division (Disrupt)
UNREST - Protest To Survive (The Varukers)
MILISI KECOA - Attitude (Bad Brain)
CHRONIC DISEASE - Hiroshima (Moderat Likvidation)
DISFORM - Fucked For Life (Driller Killer)
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - Tragedy (Disclose)
NÖ MERCY - Rusting Är Ett Brot (Mob 47)
DISCONTRACK - Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish (Disrupt)
HELLRAISER - Rock Out (Motörhead)
RASCALIST - War Machine (Anti-Cimex)
FRÜSTASI - Männsklighten Undergång (Dödsdömd)
ZUDAS KRUST - Sutra/Tomorrow (Herpes Distress)
FIRSTBLOOD - War System (Shitlickers)
HELLÖWAR - Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath)
DISGOD - Encroachment (State Of Fear)
SATELLITE - Uskonsota (Kaaos)
NEVER COME BACK - War Machine (Anti-Cimex)
SEPTICTANK - Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones)
WAVE OF FEAR - Braincell Battle (Anti-Cimex)


COLLISION - A Healthy Dose Of Death (2012)

My god!!! Forget all rubbish that is called the new birth of Thrash Metal, this is the Dutch band Collision and by far they just released the best thrash release in this year! These guys definitely have developed over the years, where the intense grindcore of their star ting years was later on injected with a humongous dose of thrash and humour, a sound they now have perfected with their new album “A Healthy Dose of Death”. Old school Crossover as performed by D.R.I., Wehrmacht, Cryptic Slaughter, add some 21st century intensity (and end up a bit in the vein of Municipal Waste), and add a healthy dose of Slayer, then cram it into the ever-blasting blender of grindcore.


TOUCHED BY NAUSEA - Discography (2007-2010)

TOUCHED BY NAUSEA is a 5 piece D-beat / Crust / Punk band from Johannesburg, South Africa. In my opinion one of the best Punk / Hardcore band with Metal influence! They message is basically to aware people of things that go on around them that they might not be aware of already ''(we don't know everything like other bands and people do)'' - the corruption of the government, corruption of politics, corruption of religion, money greed, hate and all negative side of life. Excellent production and fantastic male / female vocals!


ATOMSKI RAT - Iluzije Stvarnosti (2012)

Finally! Long awaited album from Serbian Crust / Punk band is here!  21 songs of angry and dirty crust-hc which 18 original and 3 tribute songs: Go Fucking Nihilist (Agathocles), Huominen (Kuolema), Tornion Kevät (Terveet Kädet). On the basis of these covers you can notice out what kind of music is all about this... In my opinion - make sure - this is the best crust / punk edition published in the Balkan in 2012!!!


NAYSAYER - Laid To Rest LP (2011)

NAYSAYER comes out swinging with their first full length, Laid To Rest. Hardcore / Punk with influence of NYC hardcore sound, reminding the listener of MADBALL at times, but most of the time a brutal assault more similar to DEAD END PATH, TERROR, and FORFEIT. Every song on Laid To rest is a high point, there isn’t a single track that doesn’t satisfy the listener. The lyrics are really what put this album above the rest. Some people may disregard this band, seeing them as nothing more than another tough guy hardcore act, but that is anything but the truth, these guys are as real as it gets. Laid To Rest is an impressive first showing of what these guys can do and you can only expect the best from this upcoming NYHC band.

DREDD - Cursed Earth (2012)

Hardcore / Crust / Sludge band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fucking good! The production is perfect. All the instruments and vocals come in clearly, but at the same time, there's a harsh aesthetic to the sound quality, which is totally fitting for the type of music being played here. Full recommended!

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