ANTIPHATY - For The Scene (2000)

ANTIPHATY formed in the 1997 out of a Punk band at Malang, Indonesia. The music filled with punk and crusty beats on a raw distorted soundscapes. Lyrically, the band talks about social and human conflict. At 1999 guys continued to releases 'Undercontrol' LP on Confuse recs. Antiphaty also doing a split project with Depress (s'pore) released by Broken Noise recs, and Extreme Decay (indonesia) released by Confuse recs. This time was released a single for compilation such as 'A Tributte To Terrorizer' (Edelweiss recs) and 'Sodara Sebotol' but their most acclaimed album titled 'For The Scene' have released on 2000 and got a wide responses. Great stuff!

V.A. - 4 Way for Destruction (2009)

Amazing Crust / Punk / Grind compilation with two Japanese and two Brazilian bands:
Massacre em Alphaville
Under the Ruins

HENRY FONDA - Henry Fonda (2010)

About Henry Fonda - MySpace info:
We play fast, we party hard. No trends, no haircuts, no bullshit. Our lyrics deal with politics, personal issues as well as scene shit and total nonsense. We dont limit this band to be a elitist and 100% serious group but like to inspire you to think and to act in a responsibel way that knows no borders between you and others. This collective is run the DIY way. No management, no booking agencies, no imperial merch, no fucking clothing line endorsments. Fuck all you leeches!!!

HELLNATION - Fucked Up Mess (2000)

Hellnation is a Powerviolence / Grindcore / Punk band from Kentucky. They have been playing since 1989. May your deities of choice have mercy on your soul if you fail to pick up this little platter of hardcore extremes. HELLNATION have been a scene mainstay for just about ever and this is definitely the pinnacle of their noise making endeavors. "Fucked Up Mess" has all of the elements that have come to define HELLNATION's music. Lyrically the band continue to pull no punches unleashing their venom on a variety of sociological and political issues but this isn't deep quasi-intellectualism for dweebs this is middle-finger-in-the-air punk rock fury.


Tentatively planned to be released on cult Sound Pollution label, here comes the CD version of the great split between BLOOD I BLEED and MASSGRAV. The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, ultra-fast songs by the Dutch masters of non-stop Powerviolence / Grind / Punk, BLOOD I BLEED, and MASSGRAV, the Swedish kings of fast Crust / Punk / Thrash fury. The bands have recorded respectively 12 and 13 songs each. If you are into Heresy, Intense Degree, S.O.B., MOB 47, Krigshot, Yacopsae, Hellnation, and Siege then this split is a must have!!! Full recommended!!!

V.A. - Aliança Libertária (2001)

Pestiferous noisy compilation with 8 fantastic bands!
Guerra de Classes
Operação 81


BOMBSTRIKE - Born Into This (2007)

It's time for Swedish war machine!. Breaking Grind / Punk / Crustcore is what I would like to call it, for the music perfectly captures the atmosphere of the resulting all round devastation and carnage. Born Into This is an extremely pessimistic album where feelings of frustration, anger, and despair are given expression through the medium of music. The vocalist in particular, with his hysterical shouts and wails, simultaneously laments and mocks the irrevocable degradation of living standards. 12 crusty hardcore tunes that falls somewhere between Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade. Great stuff, tight with all of the brutality and intensity you could need.

SIEGE - Drop Dead (2006)

Siege formed in 1983 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The band's original lineup consisted of vocalist and saxophonist Kevin Mahoney, guitarist Kurt Habelt, bassist Hank McNamee, and drummer Rob Williams. Mahoney was from Braintree, while the rest of the band was from Weymouth. Siege recorded a six-song demo tape at Radiobeat Records in Kenmore Square on February 6, 1984. The demo was produced by Lou Giordano (who is also the producer of Hüsker Dü, Negative FX, SS Decontrol ect, ect... This songs + 3 songs from the ''Cleanse the Bacteria'' compilation are merged in summer 2006 and published on CD, called Drop Dead! Great release, really...

PHOBIA / SKRUPEL - Another Four Years of Murder (2006)

Blistering Grindcore from both bands. This Split features Phobia from California and Skrupel from Germany teaming up on one of the heaviest splits to come out in a long time. What can be said about Phobia that has not already been said? In my opinion this is both bands best stuff. The majority of the songs are at break neck speeds! Angry, political Grind Core with growling vocals. Prepare to have your face ripped off, no capitalists allowed! :) Fucking great & 100% recommended!! The power violence brainwashing continues!!!

CYNESS - Our Funeral Oration For The Human Race (2006)

Berlin's CYNESS second full-length avalanche of annihilation! 25 minutes of passionate aural pulverization that bring to mind innovators of the genre such as ASSUCK, TERRORIZER and Mentally Murdered-era NAPALM DEATH. Although technically proficient and as solid as a titanium-plated bulldozer, CYNESS demonstrate the awe-inspiring result of having a rage over technique attitude to playing Grindcore. This fucking album will crush your skull. While recording Our Funeral Oration For The Human Race it seems obvious that CYNESS has one fanatical intention in mind: to unleash as much genuinely destructive musical force as could possibly contained on one record!

D.R.I. - Tribute - We Dont Need Society (2002)

The DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES' history begins on May 2, 1982 in the city of Houston,TX. It was on this day that the musically aggressive quartet we now know as D.R.I. made their first Dirty Rotten noise and called it a song. For the past 28 years, D.R.I. has been the epitome of the aggressive, hardcore-punk thrash sound that we've all become accustomed to hearing. Throughout this time, they've been one of the few genuine underground bands to remain true to their pure punk roots. They're still thrashing just as hard, and just as loud as ever, continuing to overload our senses with the sound that is, and will always remain, uniquely D.R.I. 74 minutes of killer music!
PS: Link from filestube, password: lagrimapsicodelica

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