Japanese Hardcore legends SYSTEMATIC DEATH And Czech killers SEE YOU IN HELL on another awesome split from Insane Society Records! This time Systematic Death bust out three ragers in the vein of their recent material, and it's just as blistering as anything they've done since their much-lauded reformation. See You in Hell also deliver here, bringing two tracks of burly, Tragedy-esque crust punk. Great artwork on this one too! Definitly recommended!!!

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A TRIBUTE TO POISON IDEA - Hangover Heart Attack (V.A.)

Definitly one of the best punk tribute ever!!

01.Bonehouse - Hangover Heartattack [02:56]
02.Barcode - Die on Your Knees [03:09]
03.Godnose - A.A. [01:19]
04.Path of Destruction - Taken By Surprise [03:15]
05.Calibre 12 - Allright [01:17]
06.Baffdecks - Plastic Bomb [03:24]
07.Rat Bastards - Laughing Boy [01:24]
08.Agrotoxico - Punish Me [02:33]
09.Paintbox - Thorn in My Side [03:27]
10.Diavolo Rosso - Lifestyles [03:19]
11.Blasting Process - Gone for Good [01:12]
12.Kill Your Idols - Made to Be Broken [02:56]
13.Bolzen - Rich Get Richer [01:21]
14.Mata Ratos - A Verdade por Tras de tudo Drain [03:25]
15.Toe to Toe - Just to Get Away [02:05]
16.6.000 Crazy - Discontent [03:05]
17.Ratos de Porao - Pure Hate [01:37]
18.Wolfbrigade - Say Goodbye [02:12]
19.The Hellcandidates - Getting the Fear [02:44]
20.Tear of A Doll - Out of the Picture [01:57]

SISTA SEKUNDEN - Aldras Med Stil (2010)

SISTA SEKUNDEN - the reinventor of Swedish Hardcore / Punk took its first breath in April 2005. This is the third LP with fantastic mix of fast thrashy punk along with some melodic catchy riffs. A step up in progress for these internationally revered good dudes. Includes insert with song explanations in English. 13 tracks in total on black vinyl. As a punk band, Sista Sekunden has always been in control of the records by releasing it on members' own labels: Instigate Records & Dempe Records. However, to be able to conquer the world the band realized it'd be a wize idea to collaborate and has therefore agreed to joint releases with other labels such as: Rock Room Records (Japan), Wasted Sounds (Sweden), Fight For Your Mind (France), P-trash Records (Germany), Gnarly Slaughter (USA)

LÄRM - Lärm LP (2010)

LÄRM (German for noise) were a Dutch straight edge thrashcore band formed in 1981, first playing under the name of Total Chaoz. Lärm pioneered what would later be called Power Violence, along with bands Heresy and Siege. However, they referred to their music as "extreme noise", though having nothing to do with noise rock or noise music. Due to members being straight edge, which was something uncommon in the Crust Punk scene, Lärm were different from many bands at the time. The group also turned down contracts from record labels like Nuclear Blast, eventually resulting in their break up. Members went on to form Seein Red and the more conventionally straight edge Manliftingbanner. This is their new album that they were pleasantly surprised all of us who love them. The CD contains a lot of old songs, but this is LÄRM! :) Fuck yeah!

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