LUCANTHROPHY / F.U.B.A.R. - Doomed To Consume EP (2010)

Two bands with the reputation of delivering top notch Powerviolence / Grindcore each and every time! Lycanthrophy started playing in the middle of 1998. Amazing Czech straightforward fastcore hell, mixing with power violence and a little bit grindcore with total screamin female vocal. F.U.B.A.R (Fucked Up (busy) Beyond All Recognition!) started up under the name I: Scream Protest. They are changed the name into F.U.B.A.R when their new vocalist Luc was found. Both bands have a large number of split LP's, EP's and CD's with many similar bands! This 7'' has published on Bones Brigade records and it is really worth having... Full recommended!!!

4 WAY SPLIT - No Tomorrow 12''LP (2010)

D-beat killers from 4 different continents! Fucking great!!!
Besthöven (Brasil)
Warvictims (Sweden)
Peace or Annihilation (Indonesia)
Krüel (USA)
Thanx goes out to:

BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA - Good Morning America... EP (2007)

Great American Hardcore / Punk / Thrash band from Austin, Texas. Blunt Force Trauma was formed in 1999 in Austin, Texas. The band's line up consisted of vocalist Bobby Fuentes, guitarist Slaytoven, bassist Bob Paxton, and drummer Ben Burton. The band released two albums with Paxton and Burton, ''Blunt Force Trauma'' and ''Good Morning America'' EP's. On May 29, 2009 the band released their 3rd album, an EP titled "Hatred for the State", on Shattered World Records. In late 2009, Alex Rager left the band and has been replaced by Craig Holloway. The band embarked on their first tour of Europe in November and December of 2010, playing 24 shows in 10 countries and supporting acts such as Wehrmacht, Pro Pain, Napalm Death, Blood For Blood, and Sick Of It All.

V.A. - ''E pluribus unum'' CD-r (2009)

Brilliant compilation of the best Czech bands!
1. VICTIMS OF HATE - 0 53 mistniho casu -vypuknuti nepratelstvi (2:15)
2. MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS - illusion (1:33)
3. MIDCLASS CRISIS - strach z nejistoty (1:31)
4. MESSERSCHMITT 109 - v hrobe (2:36)
5. DREAD 101 - ray of down (1:09)
6. LIFE POSSESSION - trest bez vimy (2:09)
7. RISPOSTA - cekame (1:38)
8. VETO - vivisekce (2:11)
9. EVIDENCE SMRTI - neexistujici smir (2:09)
10. EX-LEX - uplatek (1:04)
11. PRUMYSLOVA SMRT - vrazi (1:02)
12. PNS - koreny zla (2:36)
13. ZATREST - daniel landa (1:33)
14. NULOVA TOLERANCE - zer (1:19)
15. HOW LONG? - war (1:12)
16. TUPAK AMARU - squat the world (2:10)
17. MRTVA BUDOUCNOST - kolaps systemu (1:04)
18. DEZINFEKCE - špína, pot a slova (thank you winston) (2:25)
19. MORKHIMMEL - what doesnt kill you (3:29)
20. LIES AND DISTRUST - ochrance (2:02)

NARAYAMA - Demo (2010)

Amazing Brazilian Powerviolence / Hardcore!!! Narayama was formed in the middle of 2010 by four sad creatures that hate the hypocrite love of god. Narayama is a response to the fact that humanity is a walking disaster on earth and our creations are just a series of selfish choices, mistakes and harmful actions toward animals, the environment and ourselves. We just wish that there's still some hope that hasn't been murdered and buried by the society or stomped by some stupid god.
More info

CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Frammenti Di Vita (2010)

MySpace: In being a surviving unit like Cripple Bastards for some 20 odd years, it takes much persistance, perserverance and an undying spirit to wreck yourself, all out with Brutal-Fucking-Grind. That’s the supposed overused adjective that most ‘heavy’ band bios and descriptions overlook nowadays for fear of oversaturation or an unoriginal ‘old school’ repetitiveness. Thats the one word in the dictionary that C.B. should have fucking copywritten a long time ago. It fits them. It defines them. It IS them. Cripple Bastards are indelibly BRUTAL. In all ways; music, violence, artwork, attitude, politics. All born of this represenatitive and passionately destructive word. The mere fact that C.B. even exist confirms they OWN the goddamn word. C.B. are B-R-U-T-A-L.!!!


10inch vinyl pressing of this split release from Brazilian Hardcore / Punk legends RATOS DE PORAO and Spain's kings of pure political grindcore LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. Ratos De Porao deliver five brand new tracks and a crucial cover of Looking For An Answer's raging song 'La Montaza'. These are the first newly released tracks by Ratos in quite some time and shows their amazing penchant at combining Punk, Hardcore, and Metal is still at top form! In the other side we have LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER delivering 7 new devastating songs in their classic old way grindcore mixed with some Crust and also Noisecore influences against posers and human misery. You will not be disappointed!

V.A. - Fuck The Slow Shit #1 (2009)

YACÖPSAE (Germany)
JACK (Hungary)
NIYAZOV (Serbia)
GYALÁZAT (Hungary)
YATTAI (France)


SUBMISSION HOLD - What Holds Back the Elephant (2004)

Submission Hold were a Vancouver-based Punk band active from 1993–2005. They were known for their unusual sound, once labeled "post-genre", which combines Hardcore Punk with elements of experimental and Eastern-European music. Submission Hold's lyrics often related to anarchist and feminist politics, but often with a more poetic and abstract quality than similar political bands. The band was also known for consistently maintaining and promoting a fierce DIY ethic, and in this respect were sometimes compared to Fugazi and the Dutch noise/punk band The Ex. Submission Hold were notable for helping introduce throughout the 1990s certain elements of European Anarcho-punk and Noise-punk to the North-American punk scene.

ELASTICDEATH - Terceiro Impacto (2010)

ELASTICDEATH comes from Brazil and play classic American Latino Powerviolence / Thrashcore. This is their 3rd demo. Contains 10 song, with a youthful passion! Fucking sick, fast and aggresive sound with maximum energy ala betercore typical of a Brazilian bands. Reminds you of Spazz, xBraniax, Obsesif Kompulsif etc, etc... Get this album as the protection of destruction and of course invite the band to play at your place and enjoy their noise!! Course is highly recommended for inclusion into your album collection. Beautiful release for all PV lovers! You can download it on their MySpace to...

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