SHITSTORM - Paranoid Existence (2012)

Powerviolence / Grindcore assault! Members of TORCHE and MEHKAGO N.T. This is their first LP collection of remastered tracks from "This Comp Kills Fascists" CD/2xLP, split 7" with ''The Gentle Art Of Chokin'', 2005 tour demo CDR, and split 7" with Sloth. Released by Vinyl Rites on LP (300 copies on black vinyl + 100 test pressings made for tour). Buy LP online:

AMEBIX BALKANS - A Tribute to Amebix (2012)

Another awesome AMEBIX tribute album! Crust / Punk / Metal bands from Serbia, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia...

1. J.W. POZOJ - The Moor
2. PANIKOS - Beyond the Sun
3. HELLSTORM - Slave
4. SUN OF NOTHING - Drink and be Marry
5. TRUE - I.C.B.M.
6. TERRARIUM - Axeman
7. MOTHERPIG - Promazin
8. MOR - Zima


DEVIATED INSTINCT - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves (2012)

Deviated Instinct as we all know were part of the underground anarcho-punk scene in the eighties but evolved into very much their own infamous style. With a more metal, gritty bass ridden sound and along with others invented crust. When listening to them I can’t but help think of the early crust scene. The album contains four songs, which ''Architect of Misery'' - masterpiece!!!

D-CLONE - Creation and Destroy (2012)

Japanese D-Beat / Crust mayhem, weird-ass distortion and tempo changes!! D-clone is straight ahead to Wall of noise. going to devide from Finnish hc punk Folkeiis, more originality sounds steping next level of hardcore punk! their rebellion and defiance minds beating a wind hole to the era!

HARD RESISTANCE - Lawless and Disorder (2012)

Fucking hard and brutal assault against the government, politics, social institutes, religion and the so-called dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. Modern slavery is the enema of our modern world. Stop thinking out of the box. Follow your leaders. Obey. 100% pure. HARD RESISTANCE continue with their crusade against all traditions- no compromises. HARD RESISTANCE have developed their own form of Hardcore / Punk with Crustcore elements, hard hitting riffs and up tempo songs what results in a massive wall of sound with an aggressive vocal in the mix.

THE VOIDS - Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope LP (2007)

At long last the vinyl version is out from Orange County's own; The Voids. By far their best release! For all fans of early 80's  Hardcore / Punk / Rock (Vice Squad, Red Scare, Human Therapy) as well as the Expelled (a little) will LOVE this! Relised by DR STANGE RECORDS

M:40 - Diagnos (2012)

Fuck! The new album from Swedish D-beat / Crust band M:40 - definitely the best record of this band ever! This is their first new material since 2008. What can I say.... They are extreme, they are so fucking raw, and this is the best they have done so far. My favorite tracks is the ultra fast "Livslång väntan", the desperate "Väck mig vid slutet" and the dark hardcore crust song "Avfall".



Indonesian Punx: A Tribute To Punx Around The World - Mixtape

BOMBARDIR - Power And Greed (Wolfpack)
KÖNTRASÖSIAL - 124 (Meanwhile)
ALCOHOLOCRUST - State Violence State Control (Discharge)
TOTAL BANXAT - Smash Division (Disrupt)
UNREST - Protest To Survive (The Varukers)
MILISI KECOA - Attitude (Bad Brain)
CHRONIC DISEASE - Hiroshima (Moderat Likvidation)
DISFORM - Fucked For Life (Driller Killer)
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - Tragedy (Disclose)
NÖ MERCY - Rusting Är Ett Brot (Mob 47)
DISCONTRACK - Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish (Disrupt)
HELLRAISER - Rock Out (Motörhead)
RASCALIST - War Machine (Anti-Cimex)
FRÜSTASI - Männsklighten Undergång (Dödsdömd)
ZUDAS KRUST - Sutra/Tomorrow (Herpes Distress)
FIRSTBLOOD - War System (Shitlickers)
HELLÖWAR - Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath)
DISGOD - Encroachment (State Of Fear)
SATELLITE - Uskonsota (Kaaos)
NEVER COME BACK - War Machine (Anti-Cimex)
SEPTICTANK - Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones)
WAVE OF FEAR - Braincell Battle (Anti-Cimex)


COLLISION - A Healthy Dose Of Death (2012)

My god!!! Forget all rubbish that is called the new birth of Thrash Metal, this is the Dutch band Collision and by far they just released the best thrash release in this year! These guys definitely have developed over the years, where the intense grindcore of their star ting years was later on injected with a humongous dose of thrash and humour, a sound they now have perfected with their new album “A Healthy Dose of Death”. Old school Crossover as performed by D.R.I., Wehrmacht, Cryptic Slaughter, add some 21st century intensity (and end up a bit in the vein of Municipal Waste), and add a healthy dose of Slayer, then cram it into the ever-blasting blender of grindcore.


TOUCHED BY NAUSEA - Discography (2007-2010)

TOUCHED BY NAUSEA is a 5 piece D-beat / Crust / Punk band from Johannesburg, South Africa. In my opinion one of the best Punk / Hardcore band with Metal influence! They message is basically to aware people of things that go on around them that they might not be aware of already ''(we don't know everything like other bands and people do)'' - the corruption of the government, corruption of politics, corruption of religion, money greed, hate and all negative side of life. Excellent production and fantastic male / female vocals!


ATOMSKI RAT - Iluzije Stvarnosti (2012)

Finally! Long awaited album from Serbian Crust / Punk band is here!  21 songs of angry and dirty crust-hc which 18 original and 3 tribute songs: Go Fucking Nihilist (Agathocles), Huominen (Kuolema), Tornion Kevät (Terveet Kädet). On the basis of these covers you can notice out what kind of music is all about this... In my opinion - make sure - this is the best crust / punk edition published in the Balkan in 2012!!!


NAYSAYER - Laid To Rest LP (2011)

NAYSAYER comes out swinging with their first full length, Laid To Rest. Hardcore / Punk with influence of NYC hardcore sound, reminding the listener of MADBALL at times, but most of the time a brutal assault more similar to DEAD END PATH, TERROR, and FORFEIT. Every song on Laid To rest is a high point, there isn’t a single track that doesn’t satisfy the listener. The lyrics are really what put this album above the rest. Some people may disregard this band, seeing them as nothing more than another tough guy hardcore act, but that is anything but the truth, these guys are as real as it gets. Laid To Rest is an impressive first showing of what these guys can do and you can only expect the best from this upcoming NYHC band.

DREDD - Cursed Earth (2012)

Hardcore / Crust / Sludge band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fucking good! The production is perfect. All the instruments and vocals come in clearly, but at the same time, there's a harsh aesthetic to the sound quality, which is totally fitting for the type of music being played here. Full recommended!

TOTSUGEKI SENSYA - Chain of Tragedy EP (2011)

Japan's Totsugeki Sensya (on English as Attack Tank) have been a band since 1998 or earlier, and yet it seems so little due attention has been paid to them. The music is simple powerful drive, with lyrics which were written in English. Old and well-known punk threads but...fuck...this is Punk! :) One of my favorites from the bunch this kind of music, especially if we are talking about production. Fucking dirty Japanese style!!!

INTAKT - Bacite Ih Zverima + Live (2012)

Hey Crust / Grind lovers, take a look on this !!!!!!!!!!!! After 10 years since the last recording, Serbian band INTAKT is active again since June 2011. Intakt play metallic Crust / Hardcore with notable Black Metal influences in both vocals and guitars. Great production and even better songs! Recommended especially for blackened Crustcore fans! If you wanna bay this awesome realise here is add:


DISORDER - Kamikaze CD (2005)

Ah! What can I say about DISORDER... Absolute legend! Impressively, the 16 tracks here not only sound of a piece with the band's sterling '80s work, they're performed with just as much energy as they would have been in the band's early days. This is one blast after another of inchoate rage packaged in two-minute bursts of hyperspeed drumming, distorted guitars, and screaming vocals. Strictly for fans of the old school Punk Hardcore breaking!


Info & link from PRIMITIVE DISTRO:
HUMANITY REGRESS: Crust / Grind / Punk (Russia)
MISTAKE OF GENETICS: Crust / Punk / Hardcore (Russia)
PARTiYA: Crust / Punk / Grind (Belarus)
Disk contains 18 tracks, booklet with lyrics and pics. It was released by «TT-29», «RESIST LABEL» labels (Russia) in january 2012. To get disk / trade / take it on your distro write to:


Crushing Powerviolence / D-beat / Hardcore from Tampa, Florida. Dirty raw production and 10 tracks of angry, ultra fast, much pissed off Punk. This is not a music, this is simple memorable riffs with vocals that seem to come from hell! Power that will absolutely obliterate your speakers if you’re not careful... :)



These bands definitely never disappointed! Very interesting pairing as Milwaukee's Protestant - metallic infused style of Punk / Hardcore that can jump from melodic, to aggressive, and everywhere in between whereas split mates Poland's Suffering Mind are probably the finest purveyors of straight ahead Grindcore at this time. Both bands incorporate a similar bare bones production that doesn't harm anything, and gives an old school vibe to both sides!

INCRÜST - A Hate Named Revolt EP (2012)

Holly shit!! Fantastic Crust / Hardcore band from Switzerland with members of SEDATIVE, MUMAKIL and BURNING FLESH. Founded in 2010 by Fred and Pipo, the band plays a awesome mix of many stiles metal inluenced by bands like DISFEAR, WOLFBRIGADE, TRAGEDY, DISRUPT, NASUM... This is their first demo. Six tracks against sexism, pro-lifers, racism, nationalism and all types of fascism into the scenes as well as outside... Full recommended!!!


SEX DWARF - Demo (2012)

Yet another great Swedish band. Fast and aggresive Hardcore / Punk / Noise with reaaaaaly dirty production and 9 fantastic songs of classic early 80' scandinavian Hardcore style. Very, very good stuff! If anyone has more info about the band, please share.


DEADBEAT - Tremors EP (2012)

Tremors EP by Dead//Beat (Brooklyn, New York), one of the most violent, aggressive and sadistic acts taunting crowds in NY Punk / Hardcore scene... The band's influences are varied and include bands such as Black Flag, Dead Friends and all old school Punk / Hardcore bands from 80s... Enjoy!


This record is going to destroy many skulls, because it’s that brutal... NEGATIVE STANDARDS are not to be fucked with. You can’t put their sound in a box at all, but I will say that listening to them is like getting your head punched in by a mammoth fist. Raging aggressive Hardcore with harsh vocals that slows down from time to time… You can hear the portland influence, but they are unique!


These two bands compliment each other perfectly in the way two people who have been together for many years finish each other’s sentences, but not in that obnoxious cutesy way. ALPINIST tears through their side of this split at a frantic pace with dark melodic hardcore that strays from the typical crust sound. On side MASAKARI manic bass lines running in and out of guitars that are not only crushingly heavy, but provide an intense melodic platform for angry poetic lyrics noting the ills of modern society spit like venom by three members of the band. Amazing release. 

VISIONS OF WAR - Shit Parade 12" LP (2011)

After a nearly 10 years VISION OF WAR from Belgium return with a new 12" LP. Shit Parade deliver 9 tracks of raw and full throttle DOOM - influenced D-beat / Crust / Hardcore. This is dark and gloomy crustcore packed in a nice gatefold jacket, with classic artwork! Very good..

BEDA - Happy Nation (Raw Mini Album 2012)

Hi to everyone!!! I am pleased to inform you that on the Moscow label NO BREAD finally did happened BEDA! Five the most evil, raw, filthy, aggressive raw punk fight-tracks from the depths of Belorussian bogs with good dis-punk design are available for purchase... contact:
You can also download and listen it right there and right now....

DEATH TOKEN - All Dreams Are Nightmares LP (2011)

After a number of E.P.s here's finally a full length from the longest running K-Town hardcore band. A fucking massive recording mixing up classic raw Japanese and European Hardcore / Punk - adding a dose of Hellhammerish darkness and a tad of Rudimentary Peni'ish madness. Mastered at Necromorbus Studios. Nevermind the fucking description - this monster will speak for itself! Highly recommended!!

V.A. - Too Circle World Hardcore Punk Compilation (2008)

CD 1:
01 Fyfan (Sweden) - Statusstegen
02 Osmantikos (Malaysia) - Complacency Is Dead!
03 No-Yard (Japan) - Snatch Brain
04 Jack (Hungary) - Ontudatlanul
05 Encroached (Japan) - Look At Tomorrow
06 Cheken's Call (France) - Notre Histoire
07 Nomares (Japan) - Voce Mercee Morrer
08 Slapendehoden (The Netherlands) - Hope You Die 2
09 Death With A Dagger (Finland) - Deaf Forever
10 Descent To Hell (The Netherlands) - Judas Disciple
11 Claysea (Japan) - Repeated Brainwash
12 Vaseline Childlen (Croatia) - Not The End
13 Red Thread (USA) - Double Speak
14 New Reality (The Netherlands) - Taxidriver Igor
15 4 Danger Consumers (China) - World Shit
16 Kola (Japan) - Forget And Secret
17 DFC (Brazil) - Corroido Por Um Odio Filho Da Puta
18 Breed (Japan) - Reborn
19 Filthpact (UK) - Scared To Live
20 Light Steps (Japan) - Dead Head Authority
21 Found Dead In Trunk (USA) - Hawks And Doves
22 El Camino 53 (Japan) - Yes, Future

CD 2:
01 Sangre (The Netherlands) - Dreams And Needs
02 Death Token (Denmark) - Pull The Plug
03 Unarm (Japan) - Fire Rain
04 Svartenbrand (Sweden) - Dags Att Du Ger Upp
05 Grind Shaft (Japan) - Nigatsu No Mangetsu
06 Dead Bones (Spain) - International Holocaust
07 Reign Of Bombs (Sweden) - Cold Fucking World
08 World Downfall (Japan) - Resignation
09 Caravana Anarquista (Japan) - Cucaracha
10 Beton (Slovakia) - Ruiny
11 Its You (Japan) - Dogma
12 Blastmat (USA) - Church And State
13 Rovsvett (Sweden) - Jag Ar Inte Bitter
14 Justica (Brazil) - Pequenas Igrejas Grandes Negocios!
15 Libyans (USA) - New City Old Problems
16 Mad Maniax (Japan) - Nashikuzushi
17 Thurneman (Sweden) - Ellen
18 Whoshit (Japan) - Rights And Lies
19 Doktor Bormental (Ukraine) - Ne Slovom
20 Gunned Down In Glory (USA) - Resting In Peace
21 Blotto (Japan) - Annie


URSUT - Dårarnas Paradis (2012)

Ursut is a four-piece D-beat / Hardcore / Punk band from Malmö, Sweden, and consist of members from a.o. Intensity, Kontrovers and... more Project Hopeless. The band started out late 2009 and was soon to record a well recieved demo. Some shows were made and in 2011 the album “Dårarnas Paradis” (Fools’ paradise) (La Familia Releases) was recorded at Studio Bengt. 14 straight forward songs with a super tight and powerful rhythm section, shredding guitars, insane throaty shrieking vocals and great lyrics.

DEADLY REIGN - No End in Sight 12” LP (2011)

DEADLY REIGN is the brand new Texas-based band. Comprised of Raygunn from SCARRED FOR LIFE on guitar, Guerinot from WORLD BURNS TO DEATH on drums, and Gushammer barking out the vocals and delivering perfectly distorted bass, DEADLY REIGN deliver the goods as you would expect from these guys. This has the kind of riffs that make me think it could come out on Distortion Records out of Sweden back in the early nineties... Ass ripping D-beat! Full recommended!

MOMENTUM - Whetting Occam's Razor LP (2011)

Momentum, London, UK, is a DIY melodic Crust / Hardcore band, based around the ideals of Carl Sagan from members of Plague Mass, Light Bearer, Fall of Efrafa and XZieglerX. Momentum supports the pursuit of a society that considers all life equal, to create a civilisation that adopts the monicker of "civilised" – to treat not only all human animals as equal, but to bestow those rights upon non human animals. To model a society on empathy and respect which will take us beyond this state of play.


ATAKKE - March To The Gallows EP (2008)

Debut EP from this deadly female-fonted Brooklyn, NY thrash/crust crossover band. Following in the hallowed footsteps of tribal elders Hellbastard, Amebix and Antisect, Brooklyn's Atakke (pronounced a-TAK-ay) are easily the cream of the current crust crop. These three fast, raw tracks are as dirty as they are heavy. Originally released as a 7inch in 2008 on the Mountains of Madness label, now on Moshpit Tragedy


HELLCORE - Destruction of the World (2011)

HELLCORE is a band from Malang City, Indonesia. Formed in August 2009 with 5 people who play a mix of results Crust, Grind, Metal, and Punk which became one of Grindcore! Brutal, angry, growl howls from the sewer pits of Indonesia! Raw, guttural grindcore that will stew in your head until you bleed puss and metal! PS: Link from filestube



This album was done in March 2011. Album project is one of two bands that are both already issued a first album, "Downtrodden By Ignorance" is the title of this album. ASHES OF DEATH is a band that played a genre D-beat/Hardcore from Indonesia, and SYSTEM SHIT is a band that played agenre Crusty/HC/Punk. Very nice production. Recommended for all disbeat fans.

V.A. - Grind Mask For Noise Pollution (2006)

International Grindcore / Crust Compilation.


01 Ira Et Decessus (Spain) - El gran negocio de la rebeldi
02 Ira Et Decessus (Spain) - Barkatu ama
03 Ira Et Decessus (Spain) - Resisto
04 Ira Et Decessus (Spain) - Somos terroristas
05 Fallen World (Singapore) - Nearing the final stage
06 Fallen World (Singapore) - Color coded system
07 Fallen World (Singapore) - Cost of our greed
08 Fallen World (Singapore) - Flight of the few
09 Tumor Ganas (Indonesia) - Fuck the anthems!! Fuck DC crew!!
10 Tumor Ganas (Indonesia) - Terror uberalez (Dislike cover)
11 Tumor Ganas (Indonesia) - Maksain
12 Tumor Ganas (Indonesia) - Selamat datang globalisasi
13 Splattered Mermaids (Sweden) - Take the pain
14 Splattered Mermaids (Sweden) - Stabbed and left for stoning
15 Splattered Mermaids (Sweden) - Igst wish
16 Splattered Mermaids (Sweden) - Batman
17 Disforia (Italy) - Turismo sessuale18 Disforia (Italy) - Contro la Chiesa
19 Disforia (Italy) - Loblio copre ogni cos
20 Anal Probe (Netherlands) - Infection
21 Anal Probe (Netherlands) - Ation
22 Anal Probe (Netherlands) - Kindred
23 Anal Probe (Netherlands) - Violence
24 Raiser (Spain) - Vidas ajenas
25 Raiser (Spain) - La agonia del tiempo
26 Raiser (Spain) - Huele a cadaver
27 Raiser (Spain) - Culpables
28 Extreme Decay (Indonesia) - Pendidikan kaum tertindas
29 Extreme Decay (Indonesia) - War (Antiphaty cover)
30 Extreme Decay (Indonesia) - Lifeless harmonity
31 Extreme Decay (Indonesia) - Injustice (Terrorizer cover)
32 Extreme Decay (Indonesia) - Smoke in grind act II
33 Extreme Decay (Indonesia) - Terror reign (Regurgittate cover)
34 Life In Exile (USA) - Year of the moth
35 Life In Exile (USA) - Stories written in blood
36 Life In Exile (USA) - Manufactured, programmed destroyed
37 Life In Exile (USA) - Tomorrow´s skies

ACTIVE MINDS - Bury the past Build the Future (2011)

It's been 25 years now that Active Minds have been going for, and they continue to crank out relevant and high quality releases that remain firmly critical of the current wrongs in the world. This 2011 release sees Active Minds screaming out against the cost of nuclear weapons in Britain, macho men promoting sexism, porno grind and people obsessed with name brands and fashion... A very solid release that will definitely appease fans of the band. PS: Link from filestube


Fuckin amazing split tape! If something can still be called purebred punk, its this DISCARDED! This demo is more raw and crusty, more of a Hardcore Punk sound than a Metal sound, really some of the essential roots of Crust Punk.On the other side GRIND THE ENEMY more reminiscent of the early Amebix work.... In brief - 15 power hungry songs dealing with politics, presonal expierences and all the other social issues we are dealing with these days. Proprietary for all true punks!!!

PSYKOANALYYSI - Kivitys EP (2011)

I’m always on the look for new bands out there, things I haven’t heard and recently I came across a band named Psykoanalyysi from Finland. They have three releases to their name with the most recent dating back to March 2011. It’s an EP with 19 amazing songs in raw Finnish style titled ''?ivitys'' and what a joy it's to listen these guys! The general sound is the same on all their recordings and the same goes for the production quality, which is nothing but great. It’s super raw and unfinished, which makes my picture complete. Psykoanalyysi is the next best Punk thing has to offer in 2011. Required for all fans of the old school Finnish Punk / Hardcore! 

BOMBANGREPP - Skuggan av Dödens Sändebud (2011)

The almighty, punishing scandinavian power is undeniable. This band, who’s name means “bomb attack,” has unleashed one of the most punishing, filthy crust albums I’ve heard in a long time. ''Skuggan av Dödens Sändebud'' which translates to “The Shadow of Death’s Messengers” is a dark, foreboding and all-around pulverizing record. Devastating d-beat drumming, lightningquick buzzsaw riffing and amazingly strong vocals make up this bands sound and it flows together so well that it is almost uncanny.

DETOX - Demo (2009)

The first arab femal fronted punk band in Lebanon was Benzene back in 2005, with Aida, Nader and Roland. Detox music came from all the experiences they've had on Hamra street to date, all the booze in drugs in the alleys, the dirty cops, the militias and the wars... Everything that is far from the real meaning of detox. Real punk rock isn’t about money, fame or glory. It’s about being obnoxious, resisting authority, defying convention and rocking out for the sake of rocking out. Influenced by bands like; Discharge, Motörhead, GBH, Partisans...

V.A. - Tribute to Infest

1. Worker And Parasite - Break The Chain (0:27)
2. Brain Dead - Excess Pig (0:35)
3. Brainbuster - In His Name (0:43)
4. BSOYM - Kill The Peace (0:42)
5. Half Gorilla - Mindless (1:03)
6. Black Hole Of Calcutta - Nazi Killer (0:18)
7. Chainsaw To The Face - Sick And Tired (0:39)
8. Protestant - Sick Man (0:43)
9. Have Fun - Sick O (2:22)
10. Slapendehoden - Slave (0:23)
11. One Two Fuck You - Where's The Unity (1:33)
12. Undergang - Which Side (0:45)

UNREST - 7'' EP (2011)

This record is the debut 7" of the new D-beat / Crust monster from Münster, Germany. Unrest recorded some brutal Neocrust / D-beat blasts and we made a 7" of it, which fits perfectly between Skitsystem and Victims in your record shelf. So, if you´re an ardent worshipper of all these black-dressed sweded-style Hardcore-Punk, check this release.

V.A. - Underground Asia Compilation CD (2010)

1. Vivisick (Japan) - Cyber God Belief (1:59)
2. Smzb (China) - Chinalism (5:01)
3. Low Fat (Thailand) - Migi Muka Migi (1:57)
4. The Scuds (Singapore) - Addicted (Version X) (1:58)
5. Mondo Gecko (Israel) - The Chosen One (1:04)
6. Captain Bootbois (South Korea) - Pax America (3:18)
7. Through Sunken Eyes (Bahrain) - Home Nazis (1:28)
8. BB Bomb (Taiwan) - The Last Night (2:20)
9. Overkill For Profit (Azerbaijan) - Illusion Of Freedom (2:07)
10. Faking It (Egypt) - Politicians (3:27)
11. Bridged (Hong Kong) - Seize The Day (2:00)
12. Detox (Lebanon) - System Fails But The Law Prevails (1:54)
13. Distress (Russia) - World Genocide (3:06)
14. Carburetor Dung (Malaysia) - Macam Celaka (3:44)
15. Sentenced To Burn (Brunei) - Queen Of Her Subject (3:57)
16. Tampon (Turkey) - Mavi Fembe (2:52)
17. Creative Waste (Saudi Arabia) - Mind Pollution (1:39)
18. Public Refuse (United Arab Emirates) - Cut To Commercial (2:28)
19. Straight Answer (Indonesia) - Hantam Prasangka Buruk (1:43)
20. Rai Ko Ris (Nepal) - Punks VS Monarchy (4:05)
21. Istukas Over Disneyland (Philippines) - Give Me A Cure Or Give Me Death (4:08)


This nine-track split EP from Insult and Rampant Decay is a truly unpleasant product of anger, disillusionment, and a twisted sense of Grind / Crust / Punk shit!. In real world terms, this is terrible music. Instrumentally, you could give an epileptic child a hammer and put them in a dustbin and it'd sound as good as the drums. The guitar sounds like a tiger being sodomised by a meat cleaver. Highly recommended!

CERVIX - Life Fucker EP (2011)

Posthumous EP from NYC band who mixed late 80’s metallic UKHC with early Japanese hc / reverb / drenched female vocals. The four new tracks from the EP are the realization of the sound that their tape releases have hinted at - manic vocals howled in desperation over desperate and distorted raw hardcore / punk noise! Available in actual, physical vinyl form:
or archaic but strangely hip cassette form:

VǺLDSAMT MOTSTǺND - Wermland CD-R (2011)

Våldsamt Motstånd is Metal / Crust / Hardcore band formed in Karlstad, Sweden in february 2010 by Martin Abraham (Babylon Disco, IYOV), Micke Larsson (e.a.t.e.r.), Emil Edman (Destruktiv) and Nils Rådström (Suppression). This is their new demo, third in line, if I'm not mistaken... Musically we get served a seriously heavy type of crust, bringing early Warcollapse to mind. The brutality and aggression is so in-your-face it’s almost breathtaking, and the back-up scream perfects the recipe of heavy-as-shit crustcore.

TUSSOCK - Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation (2011)

TUSSOCK: Totally raw Malaysian political grindcrustcore! After a long sleep, they are now unpacking their gears to start grinding again. Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation is their latest offering in which I personally assume it was a live recording. I really like the ambient, the bass is booming the stereo while the killer deep and sore throat are throbbing my ears!

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