SUMMON THE CROWS - One More For The Gallows (2011)

A brutal and raw second album from the Oslo (Norway) Crust crew SUMMON THE CROWS. The album contains 10 tracks of unrelenting extreme D-beat / Crust / Stenchcore storm, laden with raw Black Metal ambient riffs and deep, hoarse vocals. The production values crossing over into both genres, and managing to deliver a very convincing ambience. Fiends of Discharge, Tragedy or Warcry will be banging heads over this one!

BAPTISTS - Baptists EP (2011)

Vancouver, BC based D-beat / Hardcore / Punk band. Baptists are another heavily darkened hardcore band that worships the very ground that acts like Cursed and His Hero Is Gone treaded in their brief heyday. Not bad for a group named after a fairly conservative Christian denomination :) Barely two years old, this young band bursts with potential and their self-titled only further reinforces their growing mark on the genre. Keep an eye for this band in the near future as their flame will only grow from this promising start.

LIVSTID - Livstid LP (2011)

Livstid is a Norwegian D-beat / Crust / Punk band formed in 2006 After great Ep's and split Ep's with Passiv Dödshjälp snd Human Error, they released their debut album autumn 2011. Not a lot can be said about their self-titled debut album except that it’s really good aggressive grinding Punk with a lot of D-beat influences. Extreme vocals, fast drums, downtuned guitars and a big dirty sound. Short to the point songs that rarely clock above the two-minute mark complete the party....

MEHKAGO N.T. - Massive Fuckin' Headwounds LP (2010)

MEHKAGO N.T. started in 2006 with the sole intention of taking a shit on everybody and everything in this programmed society. Bunch of dirty ass motherfuckers playing loud fucked up shit. Massive Fuckin' Headwounds is the final testament of this Miami’s crusted grindcore powerhouse syndicate. Features members the singer from SHITSTORM, TORCHE and members of HARDWARE YOUTH and was recorded by Jon Nunez of TORCHE/SHITSTORM fame. Long live 305 grindcore.

DIVINE SPARK - Anima Mundi (2011)

Divine Spark has been founded in September 2007 from the ashes of several bands such as Defeat, Insumisioa and Prison of Liberty. After only a few months the band played their first gigs in the common venues in Luxemburg in 2007.In 2009, between April and July, the band recorded a Demo CD and toured through the Netherlands and Belgium. After a quiet year 2010,the band released finally in July 2011 their first album ''Anima Mundi'' which is limited to 500 copies. Right now the album is available through RiotSkaRecords (UK) and Svoboda Records (FR). Melancholic neocrust, clean intros followed by a fast and angry D-Beat, and lastly doleful outros to end, become the main style of the band.

ULTRA//NEGATIVE - Finally I'm At Peace (2011)

ULTRA//NEGATIVE is a new band from New Hampshire (with members of Hellhound and Ramlord). They play grind/powerviolence influenced hardcore punk for all fans of Low Threat Profile, Weekend Nachos or Extortion. Finally I’m At Peace enters your life like a rampaging gang of drunken teenagers, smashes your mental furniture, vomits on the rug and then exits through a broken window before the police arrive. 8 Songs in 9 minutes…you know what to expect...

WEEKEND NACHOS - Black Earth EP (2011)

Since the release of 2009’s Unforgivable, Weekend Nachos has been taking the hardcore scene by storm with their signature blend of modern down-tuned hardcore and old-school powerviolence. Signing on to work with A389 Records, run by Pulling Teeth guitarist Dom Romero, the band has crafted the four-song EP, Black Earth. This short but sweet EP, used as a teaser for Weekend Nachos’ upcoming full-length, Worthless, is completely crushing all the way through. Although the total run time clocks in at less than five minutes, it does its job of showing what is in store for the band’s next release.

V.A. - We're Still Pissed! - Female Fronted Hardcore / Punk Compilation (2010)

1. ELEKTRODUENDES - desde la rendija (1:39)
2. EXTINZIONE - 8 marzo (1:28)
3. MILKHOUSE - no podras (2:27)
4. OPERATION EAT SHIT - you don't listen,you just hear (1:34)
5. RETCHING RED - lying sacks of shit (1:36)
6. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT - poor boy (1:16)
7. THE KANAMITS - blindfolded + all that matters (1:24)
8. SIREN - the struggle goes on (1:19)
9. INFECT - em nossas maos (1:50)
10. CALL THE POLICE - grind to freedom (2:45)
11. BURNING KITCHEN - impact (2:11)
12. CONTRA LA CONTRA - putin ubijca (1:12)
13. LA FRACTION - allez (2:37)
14. SHORTSIGHT - screaming trees (2:55)
15. NO REST - eu ja cansei (1:59)
16. WITCH HUNT - fed up! (1:42)
17. TRISTE FIM DE ROSILENE - o desvelamento da verdade (2:10)
18. POLIKARPA Y SUS VICIOSAS - una de piratas (2:23)
19. EYE FOR AN EYE - konflikt (1:53)
20. RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - nunca mas (1:03)
21. TRAGATELO - resiste la colonizacion! (1:36)
22. TRUST - egoismo (1:59)
23. APATIA NO - ya basta (1:19)
24. F MINUS - worth the cost (1:02)
25. I OBJECT! - the way you play guitar is revolutionary (1:30)
26. THE GAIA - find out (1:25)
27. KAMIKATZE - knit and thrash (1:01)
28. MINOR DISTURBANCE - skate for pretty (1:03)
29. CALL THE COPS - paris (2:09)
30. GORILLA ANGREB - soldat til leje (1:19)
31. NAKED AGRESSION - revolt (1:53)
32. ALL OR NOTHING - todos son los dias (2:30)
33. PELIGRO SOCIAL - chic@s alcohol (3:23)
34. ALL IN THE GAME - cutting (2:49)
35. URBANOS HC - urbanos (2:30)
36. FERTIL MISERIA - cerebros castrados (1:44)
37. BLITZ BABIEZ - gratznog (2:56)
38. INNER CONFLICT - were still


"Profane Existence has been given the opportunity to release this split album by two bands made up of weathered veterans from both sides of the Atlantic: POLICE BASTARD hailing Birmingham, UK(formed by ex-DOOM members) and play a combination of classic peace punk with thrashier punk influences and include crustified versions of RUDIMENTARY PENI and MOB classics with their contribution. WAR//PLAGUE hail from the DIY punk underbelly of Minneapolis (ex-PROVOKED, CALLOUSED, PONTIUS PILATE etc.) and play a deeply moody style of crust punk with rhythmatic tribal undertones. Both bands have previous releases under their belts, but this is their first appearance on Profane Existence."

DISCHARGE - Propaganda Feeds 7''EP (2011)

Yeah! Brand new EP from this legendary band! I think it's useless to waste words about Discharge, becouse as we all know what Discharge means in the whole punk world! Propaganda Feeds EP is a final return to their early 1980style of politically infuriated and aggressive playing disbeat. They brought back their intense d-beat drumming style, although combined with the remaining metal/crust influence. This is exclusive released for their recently Japan Tour 2011. Powerful riffing, great solo, pounding hard Discharge beat, Rat vocals no too disappointed on both tracks. Listen this over and over again.

AGAINST EMPIRE - Thieves And Leeches (2011)

AGAINST EMPIRE unleash their latest onslaught of Hardcore Punk with in the form of the Thieves and Leeches LP. Seven new tracks, plus a CRUCIFIX cover highlight their knack for mixing classic 80's style hardcore with hints of more modern crust punk influences. The recording is clean but powerful, with post-production mastering handled at Jack Control's Enormous Door Studios. AGAINST EMPIRE have been around for several years now and have previously released a full length LP, a split LP with ISKRA, a split 7" with AUKTION and more. If you have not yet heard AGAINST EMPIRE then now is the time to get started!

NUKKEHAMMER - Soviet Rust Belt EP (2011)

Debut 7" from this Ohio 3 piece. 7 crashing tracks of mid-paced Rust Belt d-beat punk, mixing a clusterfuck of influences and styles ranging from Kaaos to Gauze to C.O.C. This E.P. contains 5 songs from the demos given proper recording treatment and 2 previously unheard. Analog recording at CDR in Columbus and mastered by Audio Siege for maximum ear piercing ferocity. Split release with SPHC and Hesitation Wound.

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