DIVINE SPARK - Anima Mundi (2011)

Divine Spark has been founded in September 2007 from the ashes of several bands such as Defeat, Insumisioa and Prison of Liberty. After only a few months the band played their first gigs in the common venues in Luxemburg in 2007.In 2009, between April and July, the band recorded a Demo CD and toured through the Netherlands and Belgium. After a quiet year 2010,the band released finally in July 2011 their first album ''Anima Mundi'' which is limited to 500 copies. Right now the album is available through RiotSkaRecords (UK) and Svoboda Records (FR). Melancholic neocrust, clean intros followed by a fast and angry D-Beat, and lastly doleful outros to end, become the main style of the band.

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