SHITSTORM - Paranoid Existence (2012)

Powerviolence / Grindcore assault! Members of TORCHE and MEHKAGO N.T. This is their first LP collection of remastered tracks from "This Comp Kills Fascists" CD/2xLP, split 7" with ''The Gentle Art Of Chokin'', 2005 tour demo CDR, and split 7" with Sloth. Released by Vinyl Rites on LP (300 copies on black vinyl + 100 test pressings made for tour). Buy LP online:

AMEBIX BALKANS - A Tribute to Amebix (2012)

Another awesome AMEBIX tribute album! Crust / Punk / Metal bands from Serbia, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia...

1. J.W. POZOJ - The Moor
2. PANIKOS - Beyond the Sun
3. HELLSTORM - Slave
4. SUN OF NOTHING - Drink and be Marry
5. TRUE - I.C.B.M.
6. TERRARIUM - Axeman
7. MOTHERPIG - Promazin
8. MOR - Zima


DEVIATED INSTINCT - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves (2012)

Deviated Instinct as we all know were part of the underground anarcho-punk scene in the eighties but evolved into very much their own infamous style. With a more metal, gritty bass ridden sound and along with others invented crust. When listening to them I can’t but help think of the early crust scene. The album contains four songs, which ''Architect of Misery'' - masterpiece!!!

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