KVOTERINGEN - Vidrig Maskinell Framfart (2006)

Kvoteringen is a Swedish Punk band formed 2003 in Örebro. The band plays a style of Scandinavian D-beat and Hardcore Punk. Members are Jallo-guitar & bass, Fredrik Larzon-drums and Calle-vocals. The band share members with Meanwhile, Millencolin, Ääritila, Totalitär, No Security, Skitslakt, Dischange among others. With the buzz starting to spread Kvoteringen entered Necro Studios again to record a bunch of tracks for what resulted in their second EP “Vidrig Maskinell Framfart” released 06’.. Full recommended!!!

V.A. - BALKAN ANARCHO PUNK BANDS - They Owe Us Life (2010)



CHEMICAL ASSAULT - What The Fuck? (2009)

Chemical Assault was born in 2008 in the city of Palmira-Colombia, from addicted to Mosh minds: Jhonatan (pity) on the voice and bass, David (morfor) on guitar and Juan David (anthrax) on drums. This project of thrash has influences from crossover, and it doesn’t exist in this city. Chemical assault was born from a thirst for destruction, demonstrating the hate and contempt towards the church, society, farandulers, posers and betrayers. Influenced by bands of thrash and crossover, they want to generate a unique sound that is gonna infect minds, destroy brains and prolong the scene. Without of thinking, direct blow to the face! Full recomended!!!

SICK OF IT ALL - Based On A True Story (2010)

The waiting is almost over. It is only a week ahead until the much lauded (I dont know why?!) new SICK OF IT ALL album “Based On A True Story” will hit stores on April 19th. To help you suffer trough the last couple of days, you can now exclusively download here! “Based On A True Story” will be available as super exclusive limited edition in a fancy Mediabook packaging, featuring a bonus DVD with live material from New York and London shows. Furthermore, the DVD contains an entertaining tour report and shows you the personal sides of the hardcore legend. Link stolen from filestube.

ARRESTUM - Self Titled (2008)

Finnish D-beat / Crust / Punk band ARRESTUM have announced they will release a new self-titled EP as part of a new 'Sliding Scale' download series through Canada's Moshpit Tragedy Records. The five-song release will soon be available from complete with a printable sleeve for as much or as little as each visitor chooses and is even being offered for free to those without a paypal account. An audio sample of the song 'No Rest' (which features a guest vocal appearance by Matti of Hangover Overdose) is available at

V.A. - Black On Black - A Tribute To Black Flag (2006)

Most Precious Blood - Rise Above
Zao - Black Coffee
Bleeding Through - My War
Black Dahlia Murder - I've Heard It Before
Remembering Never - Spray Paint The Walls
Drowningman - Loose Nut
Give Up The Ghost - Depression
Anodyne - Life Of Pain
Burnt By The Sun - Drinking And Driving
Coalesce - Jealous Again
Converge - Annihialate This Week
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Damaged
The Hope Conspiracy - Nervous Breakdown
Planes Mistaken For Stars - Police Story/Wasted
Playing Enemy - Six Pack


MÖRKHIMMEL - Mörkhimmel (2009)

Mörkhimmel are a blackened D-beat / Crust band from Prague, Czech Republic. Regressive Crust with Black Metal Influence will kill you all! Mörkhimmel started as a 2 persons project - Slávek (ex-Mass Genocide Process, Overdose By Hate) and Maťko (ex-Beton, S.I.K.A.) in the beginning of 2007. In 2008 it started again as a band with tony on drums and Yatro (ex-Non-Komital) on bass. In 2009 Yatro decided to leave the band, but was quickly replaced by ethanöl (Guided Cradle) for the time of being. What can I say... This album is highly recommended!!!

ISABELLA SUPERSTAR - Provocaçoes Por Segundo (2008)

Formed in May 2008 by 4 young people from Sao Paulo, who in defiance of logic, rationality and common sense, joined to form a band, so rehearsing followed by recording the demo ''Provocations Per Second'', made a few shows. After that came several lineup changes and also a natural change in the sound, getting even faster and insane. Today the band follows with a ideology totally against any kind of prejudice, hypocrisy and authoritarianism. The name of the band reflects a sick society that comes with a horrible crime like a novel, with stations taking advantage to win audience over the suffering of others, and people acting as if he knew the accused or the victim, like vultures circling a tragedy that if the victim was not upper class would have been forgotten. Fucking great!

BULLET RIDDEN - Songs Written Before Jumping Out Of An Eight Storey Window (2009)

Ex-members of Bomb-Blast-Men, Varukers, Black Eye Riot and Gurkha and current members of Warprayer, Violent Arrest and The Rejected team up to make the darkest sounding hardcore for the coming storm. Despair, anger and hatred are sewn into a body bag of metal riffing and punk aggro. The end is fucking nigh and BulletRidden are here to celebrate that fact. Clocking in at twenty two minutes, this is a brief but reasonably brutal affair. If you’re a fan of all things crust ridden and reeking of d-beat, the primal oomph here is worthy of checking out at the very least.

V.A. - Youth Against Police Brutality

Terveet Kädet
Total Fucking Destruction
Cripple Bastards
Chicken Eye
Sediction Act
Parental Advisory

KuZle - Še pomnite Kuzle tovariši...?! (2010)

KUZLE, Idrija, Slovenija, former Yugoslavija… On the remains of different rock and punk bands, a group of young boys got together in the eighties and formed a band. Soon the band Kuzle was formed, the members were: Dare Kauric guitar/back vokal, Bojan Lapanja vokal, Iztok Turk drums, Dušan Moravec bass guitar/back vokal. Later on they changed two drumers, first Bojan Pajer then Iztok Lampe. Unfortunately the endless years the members had to serve the military service for the National army of Yugoslavia changed everything in the band and Kuzle soon become a part of the past. People went their way, Yugoslavia disintegrated. And now, after 25 years, the recorded songs are found and introduced to the public.... You definitly must possess this recors!!

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