MÖRKHIMMEL - Mörkhimmel (2009)

Mörkhimmel are a blackened D-beat / Crust band from Prague, Czech Republic. Regressive Crust with Black Metal Influence will kill you all! Mörkhimmel started as a 2 persons project - Slávek (ex-Mass Genocide Process, Overdose By Hate) and Maťko (ex-Beton, S.I.K.A.) in the beginning of 2007. In 2008 it started again as a band with tony on drums and Yatro (ex-Non-Komital) on bass. In 2009 Yatro decided to leave the band, but was quickly replaced by ethanöl (Guided Cradle) for the time of being. What can I say... This album is highly recommended!!!

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