KuZle - Še pomnite Kuzle tovariši...?! (2010)

KUZLE, Idrija, Slovenija, former Yugoslavija… On the remains of different rock and punk bands, a group of young boys got together in the eighties and formed a band. Soon the band Kuzle was formed, the members were: Dare Kauric guitar/back vokal, Bojan Lapanja vokal, Iztok Turk drums, Dušan Moravec bass guitar/back vokal. Later on they changed two drumers, first Bojan Pajer then Iztok Lampe. Unfortunately the endless years the members had to serve the military service for the National army of Yugoslavia changed everything in the band and Kuzle soon become a part of the past. People went their way, Yugoslavia disintegrated. And now, after 25 years, the recorded songs are found and introduced to the public.... You definitly must possess this recors!!

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  1. EXTRA stvarno zvuci odlicno kao u stara vremena samo bolje


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