DISKELMA - Diskelma EP (2006)

The first EP of this great Finnish band! The story of DISKELMÄ began in Helsinki during the spring of 2005. The first couple of songs were fast hardcore punk, but they were quickly thrown away after they came up with the song 'FILTHY FUTURE'. The tune sounded so powerful that they decided to start playing D-Beat at once. After only a couple of rehearsals a demo of 3 songs was recorded. During the summer of 2005, many rehearsals were held at Vuoritalo (R.I.P.) and new songs were written. The time was right to conquer other territory, and two shows were already booked at Lempäälä and Tampere. During these excursions 11 songs + one cover was recorded at Napalmi Studio and six of them were chosen for this 7''!! Enjoy!

VITAMIN X - Full Scale Assault (2008)

VITAMIN X is a straightforward, fast and aggressive Hardcore Punk band...and yes, they are also straight edge. Full Scale Assault features one of the coolest album covers I’ve seen in a long time. Within the Full Scale Assault package lies a pretty standard crossover record though. In simple words, there is the hardcore, the chanted choruses (‘suck, you suck, you suck suck suck’ in the emblematic “You Suck”), the blasts, the speed, the furious vocal lines, the lack of finesse, the careless, violent and rambunctious spirit and then there is the hardcore, the chanted choruses, the blasts, the speed, the furious vocal lines, the careless, violent and rambunctious spirit and a surprising sense of melodic soloing courtesy of guitarist Marc Emmerik. Great album and full recommended!!!

BRAINDEATH - State of Fear (2009)

BRAINDEATH, São Paulo, Brasil, got together at 2008, with the intention of doing raw old school Thrash Metal with Punk & Hardcore lyrics. The influencies came from the thrash metal (bands like Vio-lence, Evildead, Slayer), crossover-thrash (D.R.I. Ratos de Porão, Attitude Adjustment) and hardcore bands as well (Gorilla Biscuits, Discharge, Cólera) The band is formed by "not so young and not so veterans" in the São Paulo metal and hardcore scene. Soon they started to do songs by their own authory and at the end of 2008 they released a promo demo with two songs which finally lead the band to release the first one debut demo called "State Of Fear" in the beggining of 2009, with the re-recording of the promo two songs and three brand new songs. Check out!

V.A. - Discharge Tribute (2008)

What can I say... Absolutely fantastic!!!
1. Disclose - Why? 2. Distress - Meanwhile 3. Extinction Of Mankind - Ain't No feeble Bastard 4. Asocial - And Children 5. Tragedy - Possibility Of Life's Destruction 6. Napalm Death - War's No Fairy Tale 7. Death Breath - Maimed And Slaughtered 8. The Perukers - Protest And Survive 9. Mobcharge - And Children 10. War Collapse - The Blood Runs Red 11. Accion Mutante - Possibility Of Life's Destruction 12. Resistant Culture - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 13. Boxed In - The Blood Runs Red 14. Mob 47 - The Nightmare Continues

ABDUKTIO - Discography 2001-2004

ABDUKTIO is a hardcore punk band from Tampere, Finland. They released their first demo in 1998 and have released two full lengths and many EP's since then on Fullsteam records and now Finnish punk label Combat Rock Industry. This is a collection of their songs that were recorded in the period from 2001 to 2004. This is the extreme soundtrack for the destruction of the capitalist agenda some call life. As you know, the force of destruction can also be a creative force. Their music and their lyrics to prove this on the best way - Direct and straight to the face!! Read more on

AGAINST EMPIRE / ISKRA - Bring The War Home (2006)

Southern California HC Crust Punk meets Victoria Canada Black Metal influenced Crust for one of the most brutal splits to come out in 2006! Against Empire seem to evolve more with each release and this is one of the best material ever. Extremely heavy and punk as fuck. Enough variation in the music to satisfy everyone. Top knotch recording! Lyrics are well thought out and delivered beautiful in powerful growling vokills. Iskra is a Canadian anarchist crust punk and extreme metal band founded in Victoria, British Columbia in 2002. Their name in Russian means "spark" (искра). Four tracks of anarchist brutality. Great album!!!

MALIGNANT TUMOUR - Earthshaker (2010)

Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR (Czech Rep) has started in fall of 1991. That time it was more funny Noisecore than something serious. In 1992 the band becomes more serious grindcore with pathological lyrics. After some demos in '95 both left the band because they weren't interested in grindcore anymore. In 1997 band changed their lyrics from pathological topics to more socialy aware lyrics against homophobia, racism, fascism and world system which enslave people around the world. Also, the band changed their sound and now this is more something like a Crust'n'Roll. This is their last album which was released in June this year. Recommended!!

VǺLD - Boycott Your Life (2006)

Våld (on English: Violence) is a Finnish Crust / Punk / Death Metal band invented in the hard ashes of corrosion. Våld was formed in 2002 by Nick Napalm, former guitarist of Finnish metal act Terrorwheel. During 7 active years Våld has managed to record a quickly sold-out debut album, and a critically acclaimed follow-up which gained the band respect in Mexico, Japan and Germany... On the verge of World domination, with the base of an insane upcoming album already recorded, the successful project fell into reprobation. May the blame be put on forces beyond control... Anyhow! Stay tuned, cause they are still working on the album! A fresh monster-disc will be delivered to your doorstep soon, this year!!!

V.A. - Naziscum Your Time Has Come (2009)

International Anti-Fa compilation with bands of different musical styles!
Tracklist: 1. Asbest - Fick dich Nazi (2:16) 2. Heaven Shall Burn - Destroy Fascism (1:59) 3. Radio Havanna - Faschist (1:07) 4. Weißwurscht is - Nazischwein (5:02) 5. Die Ärzte - Schrei Nach Liebe (4:14) 6. Deny Your State - Fight Fascism (2:14) 7. Die Siffer - Scheißfrisur (3:08) 8. Escapado - Grau in Grau (2:19) 9. Kurzer Prozess-Nie Mehr (2:57) 10. Loikaemie - Good Night white Pride (2:20) 11. Nevermind-Nazischlampe (2:48) 12. DKH - Fon Debilen (2:06) 13. No Respect - No Nazi`s Friend (3:26) 14. Wizo - Raum Der Zeit (1:39) 15. Terrorgruppe - Opa (1:58) 16. Wilde Zeiten-Du bist Nazi (3:09) 17. M:40 - Innanför muren (1:50) 18. Sin Dios-Alerta Antifascista (2:01) 19. Blood For Blood-Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II) (3:31) 20. Die Bandbreite-Kein Sex mit Nazis (3:34)

UNKIND - Yhteiskunnan pikkuvikoja (2010)

The fourth LP from Finnish Unkind is a diverse one and the band is flirting with more than one style. Some of the songs that draw a lot of black metal influence and it is very well composed... There are both up- and downsides to this, so here's my attempt to guide you through it. So, in conclusion this is a really good album, although I could have done without those instrumental pieces. Some of the tracks on this album could have gained from a little more rumble and power, but that’s a minor complaint on my behalf. Also I should mention that the CD version of the album is included.

EXTORTION - Loose Screws (2010)

Extortion are a Hardcore / Powerviolence band from Perth, Western Australia who have built themselves something of a cult fanbase over the past few years. ''Loose Screws'' is the groups 2010 release, and is straight to the point from the get-go. What follows are several tracks which simply do not let up in energy for the entire duration of the release, with a cutting rhythm section fueled by melodic basslines and excellent drumming guitarist Brendan's powerchords always cut through with a healthy intensity. Great & full recommended!!!

V.A. - Sons Of Eastern Darkness (2007)

Serbian Black Metal compilation:
1. Zaklan – Mrij gospode
2. The Stone – Novas nikog nema pred doerima Nava
3. Simargal – Devil’s Lake Of Manon
4. Svartgren – Izrod
5. Wolf’s Hunger – Zmnlja moja u plamenu je…
6. May result – Mesec je sad sa nama
7. Besomar – Final Incounter
8. Maroth – Predskazanje
9. Posmrtna Liturgija – Demons From The Past
10. Bethor – Stab Through The Heart
11. Oksanat – Besmrtan
12. Interfector – Na krilima noci


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