DISKELMA - Diskelma EP (2006)

The first EP of this great Finnish band! The story of DISKELMÄ began in Helsinki during the spring of 2005. The first couple of songs were fast hardcore punk, but they were quickly thrown away after they came up with the song 'FILTHY FUTURE'. The tune sounded so powerful that they decided to start playing D-Beat at once. After only a couple of rehearsals a demo of 3 songs was recorded. During the summer of 2005, many rehearsals were held at Vuoritalo (R.I.P.) and new songs were written. The time was right to conquer other territory, and two shows were already booked at Lempäälä and Tampere. During these excursions 11 songs + one cover was recorded at Napalmi Studio and six of them were chosen for this 7''!! Enjoy!

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  1. I don't understand why this band called a d-beat band.Of course they have d-beat influences but this is totally japanese hc punk.
    Nice blog anyway!Cheers!


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