SISTA SEKUNDEN - Aldras Med Stil (2010)

SISTA SEKUNDEN - the reinventor of Swedish Hardcore / Punk took its first breath in April 2005. This is the third LP with fantastic mix of fast thrashy punk along with some melodic catchy riffs. A step up in progress for these internationally revered good dudes. Includes insert with song explanations in English. 13 tracks in total on black vinyl. As a punk band, Sista Sekunden has always been in control of the records by releasing it on members' own labels: Instigate Records & Dempe Records. However, to be able to conquer the world the band realized it'd be a wize idea to collaborate and has therefore agreed to joint releases with other labels such as: Rock Room Records (Japan), Wasted Sounds (Sweden), Fight For Your Mind (France), P-trash Records (Germany), Gnarly Slaughter (USA)

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  1. Muito bom(!)...
    Conheci esta banda por um acaso, e realmente ela tem algo muito bom! A banda tem uma excelente batida, quase impossível de não pogar(!)...
    estão de parabéns.


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