BLACK DOVE - No Future/No Fate 12" (2008)

Nine bloody tracks of heavy, ferocious Hardcore / punk from Ohio in under 22 minutes. Only mutants from the fucked up place that voted in George W. Bush twice could have dreamed up this mixture of Scandanavian crust, speed and doom metal. The music is unrelenting, ugly and driving without being formulaic. The lyrics are bleak, but are not without hope and the will to search for what is beyond the grave. Recorded on 2" analog tape. Pressing of 1,000, packaging comes with silver foil artwork and printed inner sleeve. For fans of bands similar to Martyrdöd, Nuclear Death Terror, etc.

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  1. Alright brother just seen your blog for the first time very interesting I must say having a look through it now & listening to the above downloaded ep. Wanna swap links let me know on my blog but you should be able to just click on my name & Im following your blog now. Thought I'd leave a message cause to many people come in rob the music & fuck off without so much of a thanks you know why cause people are cunts!!!


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