MURDER MEDIA - Nothing In This World Was Put Here For You (2010)

Murder Media is a five piece band from Columbia, South Carolina that currently composes a slightly blackened, thrashy and doom-orientated take on Punk. The guys cuts are aggressive, pissed, tempering and politically charged with sneering vocals. This album shows Murder Media's anger and uncomfortable-ness with the façade of the suburban dream. ''They are don't oppose all forms of media; rather, they opposed to the propagation of a nonexistent monoculture that sets a standard and boundary for the life well-lived. In a world where people want you to be afraid of the beautiful, the ugly, and the unknown-- to pervert all that is interesting or mysterious into a god-ritual that celebrates exclusion and stratification with gaudy songs and tacky flags (and then expects you to pay for it, too!), why not cut the cord to your radio, burn the paper, cancel the cable and smash the screen?''

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