FUKPIG - Belief Is The Death Of Intelligence (2010)

FUKPIG was originally conceived as a side project by members of the revered and now defunct, Mistress and then put on the backburner due to the success of both Mistress and Anaal Nathrakh. Drawing from a putrid pool of influences such as Extreme Noise Terror, Gorgoroth, Disgust and Mayhem, Fukpig mix up crust, punk, black metal and grind into an almighty mass of audio filth. ''Belief is The Death of Intelligence'' is the follow up to 2009’s well-received -and now sold out- ‘Spewings from a Selfish Nation’. This opus is laden with yet more aggressive crust and gritty grind, with “barely-veiled paranoia and disgust infesting every crevice of the album”. The album is a tirade against church, state and the surveillance society that we find ourselves living in. Enjoy!

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