NUCLËAR FROST - Wintër Bömbs 83 (2008)

The name is NUCLEAR FROST, it is a consequence of an atomic war that comes with radiation appearing from a dark sky, bringing the Nuclear Frost. Formed in 2006 by the bass player Edoom Nuclear Winter, who called the drummer Tom Trash Crust to form a electro-darkindustrial 80 project in the same way as Alien Sex Fiend. In 2008 they wanted to produce a music like swedish hardcore and english crust 80, the kind of music they like. This project became real when Gabi Crust Force (vocals) and Fred Maclarem (guitar), joined the band and in a short time they recorded the first demo tape, called ''D-beat War 83''. After this the band making a lot shows in São Paulo and near cities, and recorded demo "WINTER BOMBS 83' by the D-BEAT CROW REC!

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