DEFEATIST - Sixth Extinction (2010)

DEFEATIST is made up of members from the almighty grind machine known as Kalibas and noise-core bastards Anodyne. 19 songs in 27 minutes sounds positively epic now, but DEFEATIST don’t let us down with Sixth Extinction (Willowtip), infusing their grind, as always, with a raw, hardcore urgency that is equal parts noise rock, crust, His Hero Is Gone worship and pure fucking first-album Nasum intensity, with a manic vocalist who just fucking goes for it, Discordance Axis-style. In the end, Sixth Extinction is a fulfilling romp though grindcore killing fields and serves its purpose without question. I can’t necessarily recommend it over albums from some of DEFEATIST’s’ like minded peers though. In other words, I like it; I’m just not bowled over by it!

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