ANALIZATOR - Igra debela mecka (2005)

ANALIZATOR was one of the best Serbian Grindcore bands ever! In the spring of 2003. a couple of metalheads and a punk rebel had an idea to shamelessly rip off Anal Cunt, Napalm Death, Deranged and all the other bands they liked. The idea was later named Analizator, so it could have “anal” in its name, and still not be too rude for BBC. The year 2005. saw their first full - lenght demo “Igra Debela Mecka” (eng.”The Fat Bear is Dancing”). Song themes varied from rape, murder, to mindless selfdestruction. Lyrics are in Serbian because the band hates the USA and dont wanna speak in English! :) For all fans who love old school grindcore - on the Serbian way!

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