BASTARD PRIEST - Under the Hammer of Destruction (2010)

Yeah!!! The latest album from this fantastic Swedish band! Bastard Priest continue their primordial old school Death Metal like Entombed, Grave and Dismember... in Hardcore-Punk style featuring biscuit tin production, death grunts, tortured vocal screams and even more perverse raw shredding feedback enhanced guitarwork on songs like 'Blasphemy From Hell', 'Merciless Insane Death' and - wait for it - 'Power Of Death'!!! So, let's keep this short. if you want a bit of nostalgia, want a new take on past aggression or think Swedish Deathcore wasn't rough enough around the edges Bastard Priest is just what you need. Swedish disdeath! Buy this album on Pulverised Records

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  1. would say that is mostly classic old school sweedish death metal in vein of entombed, grave and dismember...


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