STINKPALM DEATH - Infected Vol1 (2007)

STINKPALM DEATH was formed in February of 2004 in the Pittsburgh suburb of New Kensington, PA by Larry 'The Bad Guy' Stewart, Aaron 'Kamala' Bordonaro and Sick Nick aka Stinkpalm L. Jackson with the focus of jamming live and mixing the American Hardcore sounds of classic hardcore punk bands as Bad Brains, Black Flag and The Cro-Mags with the 80's crossover/thrash power of bands like Stormtroopers of Death, M.O.D, DRI and Slayer. Mix this with a heavy dose of b-rate movie references, toilet humor and a disdain for the 9-5 workplace and you get what the band describes as 'shitsplatter power violence' with a classic diy/grassroots recording approach to music. Great stuff!

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  1. Thanks for posting our band! we in Stinkpalm Death appreciate the support!Long Live Serbia!
    Sick Nick the Serbian
    Stinkpalm Death


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