ZUDAS KRUST - Raw Punk Inferno (2008)

Zudas Krust started on the spring of 2008, with the line up: Erms as sang, Jarwoitus as guitar, and Sances666 as tremor. On March of 2008, they giving out free demo, “Raw Demo” during their shows. But not so long after that, Agipunx joined the band as a bassist. On June of 2008, Erms left the band, and changed the line-up to: Jarwoitus on bass and vocals, Agipunx on guitars, and Sances666 on drums. Their new album you can find on my second blog Cheerokie Sound. Zudas Krust influence drawn from Anti Cimex, Krigshot, Disclose, Mob 47, Detestation, Rattus, Rajoitus, Kaaos, Crude SS, Battle Of Disarm, Doom, Hiatus, and Confuse. From those bands, Zudas Krust explore the rawness and aggresiveness of punx, and call themselves, a raw hardcore band.

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