STAGNATION IS DEATH - Cywilizacja Upadku DIY LP (2006)

Thanx xSiemAx from Poznan (Poland), who sent me this material. This is a story from their MySpace page: ''STAGNATION IS DEATH was formed in 2003. We deliver blend of anarcho-core and deathpunk. Apart from music main goal of SID is to promote values that are important for band members. Commitment in social and environment activism is reflected in our lyrics. Our lyrics refer to criticism on state, authorities 'n' consumer society way of life. We support both animal rights and human rights. We are involved in local independent scene that is involved with places like Pilon, B-48 and freedom groups like Kolektyw Autonomistów, FA and Indymedia. Best wishes to anybody who didn't fall into stagnation.''

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