OSMI PUTNIK DVA - Treća Sofra (2007)

Osmi Putnik Dva (Serbian translation for the cult horror classic Aliens; Also there is rumour going that they’ve called themselves this way to make fun of the hard rock Croatian band Osmi Putnik) are also known under these aliases 8pII, Osmi Putnik 2, Osmi putnik drugi deo, 8p2, Osmi Putnik II. Band was founded in 1998 in Belgrade, Serbia, and very soon they have gained the reputation of one of the fastest bands on the hardcore/metal scene. They are well known for their speedy thrashing riffs and almost too loud to bear music onslaught all packed just in a few minutes in all of their songs, their lyrical themes are always about the horror movies and the creatures from them and also about black humour.

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