JESUS SKINS - Unser Kreuz Braucht Keine Hake (2002)

My favorite Oi! band! Mathäus, Markus and Lukas were friends since ever. Their live was always influenced from Christian spirits and god. They realize many "signs" in the holy bible which lead them to the result that Jesus and his ideas was important for the real Skinhead scene and so they founded the JESUS SKINS. Just a few years later we have a real movement in Germany from thousands of Skinheads calling themselves Jesus Skins. And they become more members every day. There exist also the JESUS SKINS ARMY which hunts fascist through the streets of German city's and beat them in the name of god. The Jesus Skins believe in the old testament and they pray : An eye for an eye. OI,OI, Amen! ;)

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