FILTH OF MANKIND - The Final Chapter CD (2001)

Filth of Mankind was formed in early 1996 in Gdansk, Poland. Some of the members played also in a few other bands at that time: etc. Forming F.O.M. they wanted to focus on the heavier and darker sound to illustrate the lyrics about subject as old and cliche as still urgent and annoying - such as politicians swindles , brutality of their thugs in uniforms, the madness of neverending consumption, poverty of the living as a cog in the capitalist machine or sick moral standards force fed since our birth and leading to lack of tolerance, respect or understanding any forms of diversity. Another important part of F.O.M.’s lyrical content are visions of the apocalypse, towards which in our opinion, the humankind unavoidably goes. Definitly recommend!

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