VIIMEINEN KOLONNA - Tuhat Aurinkoa 7" (2008)

The centerpiece of this 7" is branded 82 HC. That should be a hint as to where VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA are coming from. But where '82 hardcore means something to us in North America, VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA mean it something more impactful on Scandinavian hardcore which is DISCHARGE's sound. The VK sound is still pure Finnish hardcore like their “Aistien Juhlaa” & “Irvikuva” albums, but now they’ve added an even more raw and brutal Hardcore/Punk. Fans of Propaganda-era Finnish hardcore punk take note. Pressing: 450 blue-white splatter vinyl/550 black. Available here on blue-white splatter. This is a co-release with Kämäset Levyt (Finland).

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