V.A. - Faaaaast As A Burning Missile (2005)

Fuckin great compilation with 99 tracks of fast and brutal bands like a: Hellnation, Jellyroll Rockheads, Dystrophy, BBQ Chickens, Real Reggae, I Quit, Discordance Axis, Fuck On The Beach, Boxed In, Detestation, Dir Yassin, Enemy Soil, Deadfall, Gride, Municipal Waste, Flachenbrand, Deep Slauter, Chakkamen, Face Up To It, Spazz, Senseless Apocalypse, Provoked, Sanity's Dawn, Kent Brockman, Feast Or Famine, Hippies Of Today, My Own Lies, Slight Slappers, Toxic Narcotic, Yacopsae, Crucial Unit, George Harrison, Strong As Ten, Hit Me Back, Threatener, Burn Your Bridges, Kungfurick, S41, Reign Of Bombs, Ohuzaru, No Policy, Infect, Machineguns Romantics, Curtainrail Rise, Rabid Grannies, Widespread Bloodshed, Scholastic Death, Sayyadina, Reproach, What Happens Next, Idle Youth, Netjajev Ss, No Value, Sylvester Staline, Highscore, Brody's Militia, Vegetarian Allstars, Doppelganger, Asshole Parade, Magrudegrind, Bruce Banner, Black Eyes Club, Common Enemy, Seein Red, The Dead Ones, Masterpeace DOWNLOAD

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