BANDANOS - We Crush Your Mind with The Thrash Inside (2007)

Thrash / Crossover band, from Brazil. The band started like a side project of some veterans of Sao Paulo hardcore scene, that wanted to bring the roots of the Crossover bands like Accused, Excel, Suicidal Tendencies, No Mercy, DRI, back to the punk/hardcore and metal scenes. After some rehearsals, the line-up was Ruy Fernando (NO VIOLENCE) vocal, Marcelo Papa - guitar, Alessandro (INTIFADA) guitar, Cristiano (STAND OF LIVING, PARENTAL ADVISORY) bass and Luciano (POINT OF NO RETURN, GOOD INTENTIONS, INSPIRE) drums, the first songs are composed. This is their last CD, that will break your speakers and crush your mind just like say!!! :)

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