WOLFPACK - Lycantro Punk (1998)

Beautiful noise! Wolfpack was the former name of the Crust-Punk-D-beat band Wolfbrigade. Wolfpack changed their bandname to Wolfbrigade after a right wing neo-Nazi organization started using the name “Wolfpack”; they did not want to be associated with right wing politics. This is one of Sweden's greatest hardcore groups on an album that will knock you flat on your face! Lycantro Punk is like a more bitter and violent combination of Discharge, Nausea, and Disrupt with a heaping helping of Motorhead. 100% raging Swedish HC that fucking hammers from start to finish. Hail Wolfpack!


  1. love this album and band..but what the hell is up with this horrible cover art? someone went gradient crazy!

    what happened to the simple black / white or tan / white?

  2. Poetic justice < - > 07/10 21:35:11
    Poetic justice is a beautiful thing. All this trash who thought they would escape the ugliness of WWII were placed into Mengele's operating room to suffer surgury without anethesia. And most remembered.
    And it is true::::Imagine one of those rooms, some fucking monster idiot screaming at the top of his lungs:::"DO you know who I am? You can't do this to me. I am the godfather!!!"
    Frozen water burial.

    Kid gloves < - > 07/10 21:42:39
    "You wouldn't hear their cries. We will." That fucking garbage?
    Imagine the confidence they expressed as they planned the Holocaust and the devistation of Europe. The laughs. The delight.
    When the misery inflicted got to the point they were crying for their mothers is when you would have stopped. I would have taken them past that point.
    And just because the disfavored have lost you pull out your kid gloves. For some, especially when speaking of this scope, it would not matter to me.
    I would horribly disfigure them emotionally for the rest of their existance.

    Kid gloves.
    Those fucking monsters who ruined life on Planet Earth and planned WorldWarII have no hope to ascend and you didn't wear kid gloves when dealing with them.
    Didn't hold back on me.
    Ruined life on Planet Earth. America, Europe, Asia. Fucking everything.

    Life is cheap < - > 07/10 21:50:07
    "SCREAMING for his mother." Screaming says something.
    I'd bring that down to a whimper.
    I wish I could have played a part in hurting those animals.

    Life IS cheap. You're all coming back.
    Most of you are not making progress and won't for the rest of your lives. This makes up the majority of the population, even considering the Situation effect of the REAL Second Coming. They are better off dead.
    The hope is you will be reincarnated into a life with a better chance to progress, but more important is returning not only in the wake of the Situation but also prior to further societal decay we are experiencing as time passes.
    Good examples would be meth, how 20 years after the scourge in California it spread to middle America in the Midwest. Another would be homosexuality.
    Being homosexual in the Midwest was not acceptable just a short time ago, but with the spread of the social poison we have experienced for decades in California it eventually spread to the rest of the country. Now young people who otherwise may not embrace this pro-homosexual value system recently have, achieving a downgrade that will build into a creschendo.

    Oscar Grant protests. I didn't do it.
    Actually the fat Metro driver who passed out pulling into the station and crashed into the Metro ahead of him was the exclamation point I wasn't going to work for MUNI. I suspect Oscar Grant was the same.

    Raiders of the Lost Arc.
    "These movies all came out during your impressionable years for a reason." I'm sure I don't know why.


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