R.A.M.B.O. - Bring It! (2005)

R.A.M.B.O.'s is a titanic bulldozer of hardcore moshstrocity. Combining the power of epic swedish hardcore like Wolfbrigade and Disfear with the politics of Crass. RAMBO take on apathy, the system, religion, intolerance and bad dance styles in nineteen tracks. After a quick blast of catchy and melodic tracks like the awesome opener, "The War of Self Esteem", a slower intro sees "Goose Music" drop into a driving, crusty sort of rhythm that leads into the more straightforward and stripped down "Atkins' America", which cranks out a quick rock lead near the end; and then "Wage Slave Mercenaries" uses some dissonant riffing to spice things up over another crusty rhythmic surge.... Full recommend!

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