TOTAL BANXAT - Shadow of Death on Dying Planet (2008)

From My Space: TOTAL BANXAT was formed in the middle of 1999, when we still in one senior high school into the same graduate with the first name of THE PISTOLS that formation: Deryshit (drums + free yells), Teten Bardos (guitar) and Ivanodis (bass). We playing raw D-beat/Crust/Punk with influenced of the bands like: TOTALITAR, RAJOITUS, MOB47, VICTIMS... In the end of 1999, we’re enter the studio tebet area, south jakarta was called IN STUDIO to recorded a few song by live (5 song). And after we hearing a few song we decided to changing of the name to be TOTAL BANXAT until now (pronounce “bangsat” means “Bastards”. For more info:

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