FEROCIOUS X - "Befria Från Vånda EP"

Ferocious X is a Noisy Crust band from Japan. They have recorded 2 7"s "Befria Från Vånda " and "Våga Tänka Själv" A demo called "5 Latars" and tracks on the compilation "Konton Damaging Ear Massacre" Lp. This 7" was released in Jan. 2006 on Overthrow Records as Overthrow - 040. Fast and raw! In fact this is FRIGORA minus the drumming. But Shin of FRAMTID plays drums on this recording so it's all good, Heard he took time off the band after this EP. The Equalizer is used well for this band as the shearing noise just rises as the Vocals are shouted in Svensk, As for the lyrics it's better hearing them in Svensk than in English... Interesting.

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