RIISTETYT - Kuka Valehtelee (2001)

Riistetyt - originally called Cadgers - was formed 1981 being one of the very first Hardcore Punk bands coming from Finland. The first "Cadgers" line-up did only one split 7"ep with Kaaos, both bands being pioneers of hardcore in Tampere. Riistetyt was sharing the stage with many other old bands from 80's like Kaaos, Terveet Kädet, Appendix etc. Current line-up has been up since 2008 - having still two original members in the band. There is a LP "Kuka Valehtelee" released 2001. After few line-up changes there was a team that managed to play together around five years releasing a 12"lp, 10" and a 7"ep and tour in Europe, Brazil and USA...

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