IMPURE WORSHIP - Goathorns (2010)

Primitive black metal from Greece. The band was formed in 2001 under the name Helvete. A demo entitled "To A Forthcoming Dark Age" was recorded in 2002. The band was split up later that year. Now the band has formed again in 2008 with a changed name due to many bands using the old one; the new name of the band is Impure Worship. The first demo named "Goathorns" was unleashed in 2010 on tape format limited to 500 copies with the assistance on vocals of Iapetos of the mighty Unholy Archangel. Following the great response, the band had been offered a deal by Bleak Bone Mortualia records to release an 7" E.P. Expect it to be as christraping and as blasphemous as the demo.

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