BOLESNO GRINJE - Nitko nas ne vidi...ali mi ipak postojimo (2005)

Bolesno Grinje are a grindcore band from Pula, Croatia. In the beginning of year 2000 Hoc-bass guitar player (ex Anti Otpad) and Rio-drummer (Desinence Mortification) have decided to make a band that will play something new in the Croatian extreme music scene, so they made some combination of hard core crust with some grind parts. In a short time Mrki-guitar player (Screaming Vagina) and Angeri-vocal (ex S.M.C. ) have joined band, and that was Bolesno Grinje crew till the beginning of year 2002 than Mrki decided to quit and new member has joined Bolesno Grinje this was Jule-guitar player (ex Anti Otpad) and this is final crew of Bolesno Grinje, and it is like this nowadays too.

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